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  1. I wonder why Google Chrome and Firefox react differently when using the editor (on a desktop). One Chrome, the field stays "dead" whereas on Firefox the box brightens and the icons darken and the "write your reply" disappears. Not going to get into much detail how things work (or more to the point, don't work on an ipad). Even depends on whether I hold it vertically or horizontally. Links don't work because they don't appear to be links. Items are inaccessible because they are covered with portions of other menus that are floating around haphazardly.
  2. Well yes, but then as you type more and the text scrolls up in the box (which is weirdly tiny, by the way) you end up with the "Write your reply" text overlaid again. It's not the end of the world as a thing to work around, but I really wonder who can't work out how to enter text in a text box and why this problem couldn't be most simply solved by just removing those three words.
  3. Oh, is that why everything stays illegibly grey on Chrome? Yes, it's a little annoying; I hope they get to it eventually.<br />
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    The mobile view is generally quite broken, including the overlaid features and the non-working links that Dieter suggested. However, requesting the desktop view on my phone seems to work at least somewhat better. Dieter - can you do that on your iPad? (Sorry, Samsung employee, iOS isn't my thing. :) )
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    Please see the thread How-to Manual Part 1: The answers for detailed instructions. There is a list of answers at the top and your issue is #17.<br>
  5. I assume that's what I see, the URLs are the same as on the desktop, ipad or iphone. Wasn't even aware there is a "mobile version of PN 2.1 - how do I get to it?
  6. Quite right, we seem to have to deal with a lot of "work arounds" instead of "problem solutions".
  7. Laurie, unfortunately that's not an answer to Steve's question. What you get when you go through your process, and thanks for the info, is about a dozen thumbnails of the avatars of SOME of the photographers you follow. You then have to click on LOAD MORE in order to see about a dozen more. It's a time consuming process to get them all loaded. The reason the old LIST was nice was that they'd all be on screen at the same time, so if you wanted to search for someone, you could easily do it. This is now a time-consuming mess where I needlessly have to put up with seeing everyone's avatar in big picture form. I come here to see fellow photographer's photos, not their avatars all over the place.
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    The forum software is not built by photo.net as we didn't see the need to re-invent the wheel when it was already created. We started down that path some time ago and quickly found that programmers were recreating something that had already been created. The 3rd party options out there and were much more feature rich than we could have ever created in house. We picked Xenforo for a number of reasons, but you can see a comparison here of all the players in this space. It is not uncommon for sites to use 3rd party forum software and white label it - the time and cost to create and support proprietary forum software is quite simply unnecessary unless you wish to get into the forum software business, which we did not want to do. They already have a 2.0 out - but we're only in testing mode with it so far, but an update of the forum side is in our future - if there is one thing you can count in software development is change, all sites need to maintain, update, and develop to stay competitive - we waited much too long to update. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_forum_software
  9. I found a page that says: "people you follow" but no one is listed and it is asking me to make a list of people to follow. Somewhere I have a list of lots of people I follow.
  10. The site seems to have different layout when it detects it's running on a mobile browser (this is fairly common behaviour). You should be able to tap the URL bar on your browser and drag down to get a menu with a "request desktop site" option. The same is available in Chrome on Android under the menu system. I believe this fiddles with the browser identifier to persuade remote sites to serve the desktop version. Of course, you then get a mobile browser's attempt to render the desktop site; this isn't perfect, but I found it better than what the site was trying to serve me knowing that I was running on a mobile device.
  11. Thanks, Glenn. I think we were aware that the site uses a third-party platform (although unlike some others here I'd not paid attention to which). I understand that writing a site from scratch is time-consuming. Frankly I'd have done it myself anyway (at least on top of Apache) just so I understood everything, but that's because I'm an egomaniac and control freak; I'm glad you guys didn't do this. Unfortunately the off-the-shelf solution means that the team will have needed to spend nearly as long as they would have spent writing the software in an effort to understand the software enough to be able to fix things. (Xenforo is listed as "proprietary" rather than GPL, but I hope you still have access to the source so you can see what's going on when there are bugs.) I hope most of the issues are in the PHP side that's directly under the control of the site maintainers. This should mean that everything will be fixed eventually - I'm just a little worried that possibly the development team didn't have as long prior to roll out as they might have liked (in order to fully understand the system). I'm only basing that on there being quite so many issues and - despite everyone's efforts - the fixes taking a while to appear.<br />
    <br />
    Again, we are where we are. I wonder whether the pressure on the development team meant the site was rolled out before they were as familiar as they needed to be with the underlying system, in addition to it happening without (much of) a consultation process with the forum users; in which case, they have my sympathy, and the situation is unfortunate. I wish them the best of luck getting up to speed, even if it would have been nice if the "getting up to speed" had happened before the new site went live. (Sorry if I sound insulting to those who already feel they know the system; I'm basing this only on the end-user experience.)
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  12. Indeed. So I have been using the mobile version without actually knowing it. When I get the time, I will see if the desktop version behaves better on the ipad than the mobile one.
  13. Please report back, Dieter. If the experience on iOS and Android is better with the desktop view, we might want to petition the maintainers to stop trying to output a mobile view (until it's fixed, at least).

    In other news, having been logged out for reasons I don't really understand (I think I'd just posted...) the good news is that I can see my real name again.

    And once more, apologies if my most recent post sounded insulting to the development team. I was expressing concern about the apparent process and trying to be sympathetic to the issues that the development team now have; I realised it sounded like I was accusing them of not knowing what they're doing, which isn't really what I was shooting for. (There's a line between "I'd not have done it like this" and "you're incompetent", and I wasn't trying to fall on the insulting side of it.)
  14. Switched chrome to desktop view don't see much difference. Can't seem to be able to switch back to mobile now. <br><br>Experiencing extremely slow loading times for PN forum today.
    <br><br>Geeh, typing those paragraph breaks is hard work on an ipad.
  15. Why this posted twice I don't know. Probably a result of the site responding so slow. I tabbed "post reply" and nothing happened. Tabbed again and now it's posted twice - something I didn't see when it posted but only after I returned a few minutes later.
  16. Confirmed that the site is slow today; I trust they're on it. Since I've always wanted to use the HTML editor (I prefer its layout control to what I tended to get by default), I concur that doing so is a pain on mobile (mostly because I have to jump through two keyboard layouts to get to an angled bracket); hence from mobile I tended not to bother unless I needed to. Still, at least it's a workaround. Weird about the switching back, although I can't say I've tried.
  17. Appears to be on my tablet only, desktop computer is fine.
  18. The site was slow earlier on my desktop computer as well; it now appears to be faster (good job, dev team!) - just so you don't blame your tablet.
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    RE Mobile Viewing: Testers have reported back that viewing the site using landscape orientation is much better than trying portrait.
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    We are bringing more servers on - tricky part is load balancing, but the team is on it, faster performance is expected soon.

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