Hate the new forum interface.

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by kohanmike, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. More counsel of patience. Every time I come back, things are coming alive (It's Alive!...)
    It is not clear how Google is going to handle the slightly (in some cases) different URLs, but "We shall see..."

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    I can access the site today through my win 10 laptop. When i tried to reach the site, my iPad stopped me saying the site, photo.net, is unsafe and would not let me connect to it.
  3. Hate the new look . Have to login everytime I use it . And where are the classified ads ?
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  4. The new site is very hard to move around I really liked the older one. this is very big and streched out ,and hard to find the names. i 'm still looking around, but I think that I agree with the others that have liked the older one better....

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  5. My initial impression was also very (VERY!) negative, but I am beginning to find my way around. Absent a users' guide, I can only recommend being as adventurous as a 4-year-old and just giving it a try. No, functionality is really nothing like the old site, but Glenn & Co. have affirmed the new site offers advantages worth the pain of transition. I'm not yet convinced, but I'm far less frustrated today than I was just a few days ago. What I found today was the time to experiment with the various buttons and options. I went into several threads and uploaded both text and photos. I've played with just about every button I can find, and now I begin to see (some of) the logic. By all means, take advantage of the drop-down menu at the top of the page. It will get you quickly to just about anyplace you want to go. Happy trails...
  6. Have all the moderators been sent on holiday for a while so this shambles can sort itself out? Have not seen any of the usual suspects for days....
    In all honesty I'm so glad I joined APUG and Rangefinderforum when the first Photo.net 2.0 was rolled out, really my days here are numbered, it seems change is more important than improvement or for that matter, continuity.
  7. I don't mind change if it made sense and is ready for prime time, this sure isn't, it's like a prototype site, not even a beta level. I had to login again and my paragraph spaces are gone.<BR><BR> Benefit of the doubt is one thing, but this a lot of doubt and very little benefit.
  8. I added the br codes but when I clicked Post, the space was not there, the br codes were. I then went to a different site and back to here and only then did the paragraph spaces show. Definitely not ready for prime time. How about giving us back the old system and take some more time to beta test this using the feedback we have posted.
  9. What new lunacy is this?
    The page is updating itself every few seconds and jumping around all over the place unless I hit the cancel button.
    Now I have grey on grey PLUS a serif typeface to contend with. Is this a deliberate attempt to keep dyslexics away?
    Did nobody even alpha test this work in progress before okaying it to go live? - Very Poor.
  10. Can anyone here at the Nikon forum explain to me in layman's terms, the reason/s :-

    1) Why p.net has eliminated my ability to use my own images in my own hidden gallery for other online forums via the right click > image info > address > paste method? Clearly I'm somewhat I.T. deficient, however I thought the purpose of offering hidden galleries was to prevent outsiders from access images in the first place.

    Hey - paragraph spacing is back!
  11. I was having the same problem, using Safari on an iMac with OS El Cap. I changed the default browser to Google Chrome and now it works. What browser are you using?
  12. I had to reset my password yesterday, and again today, to access photo.net.
  13. The site forgets my logon on all my devices.

    I see some of my posted images as full image on my desktop and laptop but as a thumbnail on my iOS devices.

    I see no option to edit posted messages on forum boards.

    Why is there work undergoing to achieve an inferior forum interface? Please go back to the existing, fully functional, user friendly interface.
  14. 1. That's the way it's always been.
    2. It's the weekend. Maybe they're out taking photos?

    Kent in SD
  15. I can get around the 15 minute limit by adding another post, but this interface sucks. Seems to me with the introduction cold like that, someone should be replying, weekend or not. But then judging by the choices made, it's like whoever made the decisions doesn't care if it works, they just dumped it on us and took off.
  16. I'd say this new UI looks as if it was "designed" by a 6 year old. Except most 6 year olds probably have more IT expertise.

    I hope no-one is actually getting PAID for creating this mess.


    Sure. If the site would stand still long enough to contribute a response without manually "freezing" it.

    I'm using Google Chrome on an Android device, BTW.

    It's not a question of being able to find your way around it. It's just so buggy, untested and badly layed out that it's unfit for purpose.

    I suspect all moderators are being "inducted" (brainwashed?) In the use of the new interface. Well good luck with that! Or perhaps the moderators are experiencing the same frustrations we are, and are consequently simply unable to respond.

    End-user Quality Control strikes again!
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  17. Looks like they put a lot of work into this right behind our backs. The site still needs a little teaking not as smooth as the old one.
  18. Add another thumbs down for site design. Navigation is much more difficult than it need be.

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