Hate the new forum interface.

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by kohanmike, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. The new forum interface is too artsy fartsy, too many big icons. Don't see remember me, have to relogin at every visit.
  2. Can't edit a post after leaving it, all my other forums allow editing any time. Can't change my email address. Not happy.
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  3. Could be worse. It was the last time they tried this...

    Edit: It seems I can edit.

    Edit2: And it seems to remember me. But sometimes paragraph breaks seem to vanish - the original post and each edit should be on 3 separate lines, separated by blank lines.

    Edit3: Everything looks OK when I first post, but the paragraphs are merged when I re-load the page. What's that about?
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  4. The paragraph issue is indeed a problem, and we're all assuming it'll be fixed sometime soon. The workaround that people have been using is to add html code to get the breaks: <br> <br>
    Type in < br> < br> without the spaces between the < and the br, and you'll end up with a space between paragraphs (had to insert the extra spaces here so that the code would be visible as code instead of invisible as a paragraph break)
  5. I also prefer the less-aesthetic but practical old interface.

    Not sure how you folks post a message, I find I need to post some "garbage" first and then use "edit" to see a clean posting interface to write in something. Also, the paragraphs are jumbled up.

    Now it takes much longer, if at all, to find the things I want to read. There's no "new posts' filter... Don't like it.
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  6. And has the Unified View of chosen topics gone forever?
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  7. Unified view seems to have been replaced by New Posts, but I can't find a way to filter out the forums I don't care about. Right now, it's dominated by posts about the new forum. No fun to read photo.net at all any more. I know that Unified View was one of the popular features before. Odd that the new design didn't incorporate the best of what had come before.
  8. The unified view was one of the things I liked best about photo.net. It helped me look at questions that were outside of the photography I do, while letting me eliminate those areas that would never interest me. Now "New Posts" contains old threads that I've already looked at.
  9. This is so bad it may drive me to the Ken Rockwell site.
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  10. He needs to support that growing family somehow, cw!
  11. SCL


    At least the "new posts" function is better than having to look thru each forum. I too preferred the unified view.
  12. "This is so bad it may drive me to the Ken Rockwell site."

    I think it's better than the Ken Rockwell site, but that's setting a very low standard. This is so bad that I would gladly go to the old photo.net site, if it were still available.
  13. It needs work.

    The "Write a reply" prompt doesn't go away when you start typing in the response box, obscuring the first few words of your reply.
    Also dark grey on a light grey background isn't very legible. Let's have some function over form please, and not vice-versa.

    Not enough space between hot links to use easily on a portable device either.
  14. I do not know if you have to log on each time to access any part of the site. Each time I am on the new site, the "getting to xx" is different. And I cannot determine if I need to establish a screen name. It took me over five minutes to figure out how to find or get to Forums. It is not listed in any of the first page toolbars as far as I know.

    I just edited this post and need to report that now I do have a screen name. I did not pick it however. The site must have made it up for me. Not sure this is wise or smart.
  15. As a subscriber and regular browser of p.net for the best of 10+ years I'm in shock and awe at how disfunctional the new look p.net is. How it can be launched with so many basic glitches like ridiculously slow loading speed, being logged out after a few minutes of inactivity and no paragraph breaks is beyond me. All of my previous images (hundreds) in my hidden galleries are AWOL, I can't update my profile details as nothing sticks and worst of all I cannot share my images on other online forums as I'm told p.net needs security upgrades to stop people from lifting other people's images............ which was the whole point of me placing all my online sharing images in a hidden folder....so no one had access to them other than me. This to me is completely illogical and unecessary. If p.net members don't want their images lifted by others then don't post them or at least place them in a hidden gallery - yikes! Disappoinment turned to frustration and now after days with no improvements turning to appathy. I expect I will become used to the flow of things and the operating functions of the new site but really, the old site may have been cosmetically dated but I liked it because everything worked. End of rant.
  16. I just tried to edit and I got a message that the time limit of 15 minutes has expired. I'm getting ready to tell Photo.Net to shove it where the sun don't shine and I'll find another forum.

    I sent in a complaint earlier today, no response, and I notice that none of the moderators has shown their face here, I wonder why?
  17. Just joined the Nikon Forums, will look for others as well.
  18. ...........................Change is always tough, but I really like this new forum style. These days as in the past 4-5 years, this is the only forum I participate in. The reason for that is because of the talent here. Let me clarify. In the Nikon, Pentax and Street / documentary forums, the talent is superb and the folks that participate are helpful. I can't for the other forums as I do not visit them. Sure you have some idiots in here, but the good far out weighs the bad. We will get used to this new set up quickly.

    So far, the only thing I have had trouble with is not figuring out how to upload an avatar. If someone can direct me, I would greatly appreciate that.
    Thanks javier
  19. Patience. I am sure an undertaking like this was not only costly in term of man hours, but brain damage as well. I appreciate that the moderators are trying to give us a better product. Give it a few weeks so the bugs can be worked out.
  20. it remembers but I dont know why, where is the button for this?

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