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  1. I couldn't resist buying this one; I found it in an antiques shop and it was quite cheap for such a camera. Externally this is a not so nice example, the mirror is badly desilvered, but the lens is quite clean, and I made the shutter work again with lots of oil. This is a KW Pilot Super, made in Dresden from 1939 by the later manufacturers of Praktica cameras. At first sight, I thougt this was a toy, but at closer inspection it turned out to be a serious little camera, way ahead of it's time when it was made. This one has a Laack Pololyt 3,5/80mm interchangeable (!) lens, apparently a front- cell focussing triplet. This must be the worst lens I own; it's very low contrast and doesn't even get sharp on the edges at f11. In the middle, sharpness and resolution are quite high, maybe this would be a nice portrait lens. See the little lever on the thing at the top of the finder? The camera features a dual-range (!) extinction meter, which is what the lever is for. It also has a double exposure lock that can be unlocked with a separate button. The simple but ingenious Exa-style guillotine type all metal shutter has speeds B, 1/20, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 s and works perfectly after lubrication. No shutter curtain cloth to deteriorate, so this will still work when I'm long gone. It takes type 120 roll film, neg size is 6x6 cm that can be reduced to 4,5x6 cm if you have the mask that is supposed to come with the camera (I don't). My one came with the rare original everready case, lacking it's straps. With a better lens, this would be a capable performer even by today's standards. AFAIK a Tessar was available - would have been the right lens for it. I wonder if different focal lengths were available as well.
  2. This is one (propably the best) shot of the one and only roll I've taken with the Pilot Super after getting the shutter back to life.
  3. Tha's one nice camera and lovely picture.
  4. I believe that this camera was the inspiration for the chinese Great Wall cameras. I had one of these briefly. The lens was acceptable but not brilliant. The ground glass gave the dimmest view of the scene that I have ever come across. The Great Wall can usually be picked up for little cost - whether any other lenses were ever available, I really don't know.
  5. I took Mantele's book back to the library but I recall that he had something to say about the available lenses and that at least one of them was a gem.
  6. I could live with one of those. Nice shot.
  7. My Pilot Super has a Pilotar 80mm 4.5

    I haven't gotten around to finishing the roll yet but I will soon.

    As you pointed out there must have been masks available as there are 3 red windows on the back with a cover device.

    It is a fine looking Art Deco piece even if it is not used as a camera. The chrome trim on mine is in fine shape.
  8. Very cool pc. of equipment and looks to perform well!
  9. I recently came across an earlier version with the 75mm f3.5 Laack Pololyt triplet. A neat little camera with an interesting place in history. This gal didn't have the extinction meter or the 6x4.5 mask. Since it was pretty cheap, being in fairly bad condition, except for the lens; I decided to perform some needed cosmetic surgery. ...even got the shutter to fire again. I don?t expect much from the lens, but it will be fun to give her a whirl?
  10. I have no idea why, but I've always wanted one of those. Just never ran across one at the right time and price. I need more cameras, ya know.

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