Hassy 150 Sonnar 4/150 shutter release issue

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by paul_lara, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,
    I've been a long time lurker and have finally decided to join the ranks. Sadly I am having an issue with a 150 CF lens.
    I use a couple of 500 CM bodies paired with a 132C Imacon digital system, (yes old school digital, I know, :). I am having an issue with only one of my Sonnar 4/150's. The issue is that when I push the shutter release button on the 500 c/m on the body, the lens does not fire until the shutter release button on the body is disengaged. Really not much of an issue since I shoot some in studio 99 percent of the time, but there are a few occasions where I do drag the shutter for long exposures. And the shutter on the lens is still open while the curtain has closed.
    Do you guys think this might be a lens issue or an issue with the body? I have scoured the inter webs and have not seen where anyone has had this issue.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. What you may be hearing is the camera body curtin stays open until you release the shutter button, the shutter in the lens should not. If it does you need a cleaning and lube, and possibly parts.
  3. It is hard to explain, so I'll shoot a video and post back later today.

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