Hasselblad/Zeiss 40mm CF *T?

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  1. Like the CF50 FLE, the CF40 FLE has an updated optical design. I've owned and used both versions of the 50, but have nothing to compare with the 40. Except for its size, occupying a double-wide compartment in my camera bag, it is sharp, built well, and the distortion is comparable to most other CF lenses.
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  2. Hi folks and happy new year!
    GOT THE LENS! Finally, it arrived today after seemingly endlessly being "in transit". It's lovely, can't wait to shoot with it. My project is actually going to bet pushed back for some time- I. have to make a flight to Houston and a drive back to the east coast- helping out a family member. Kind of a must-do job.

    Any tips or advice with this lens would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Advice? Use it!
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  4. the CF40 specifications says it has 1.5% distortion. What is it like in the field? I deliberately took images of buildings with straight lines near the borders. Frankly I can't see any distortion, and have no reservations about using the lens. I'm sure you could set up a target with gridlines that would render the distortion visible. I can't recall seeing anything in nature like a black grid on white paper ;) If you use a straightedge on a print to see it, seek professional help.
  5. Distortion numbers alone, like this one, say little. It tells us the magnitude of the maximum deviation. But not where it occurs and how the neighbouring parts are.
    In the case of the CF 40 mm, distortion starts almost immediately off center, gradually growing to a bulge at approx. 28 mm imahe height, reducing again to 0.5% in the corners.
    Compare that, for instance, to the CF 60 mm, which also starts distorting immediately going off center, and continues to increase deviation to a maximum of almost 2% in the corners.
    It will look differently.
    The 38 mm Biogon shows a pattern similar to the 40 mm, but with a maximum deviation of 0.3%.

    I agree with Ed that it is not something that is so obvious that it would be objectionable, or even noticable. No worries.
  6. I intend to. I'm doing a shoot today, making the first shots on a project I bought this lens for specifically. Lots of straight lines, so we shall see. I plan to level the camera (on tripod) as meticulously as possible.

    Additionally, I'm making a cross country drive from Texas to Pennsylvania over the coming days. I'll be shooting analog all the the way and will carry my new 40mm lens along for the journey. I plan to begin by sticking as closely as possible to the gulf coastline on the smallest roads between Galveston TX & Houma LA. From there, I'll drive North along the Mississippi River to Natchez MS before turning eastward in earnest. Expect to see results from both endeavors in the coming weeks.

  7. You are going to love the 40mm FLE. You know how to use the FLE adjustment, right?

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