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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by chauncey_walden, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. I've had this kicking around in a drawer for years without a clue as to what it is. I'm sure someone here will know. It is a chromed adapter ring that that fits a Bay 50 lens. It has an anodized black insert that is marked "H.B-50" and "Japan". The insert has a threaded hole of about 27mm. Very nicely machined and finished. Any ideas?
  2. It would be helpful to post a photograph unless you did and I'm not seeing it. Does that insert screw out and is a separate ring? Again, a photo might help get you an answer more quickly.
  3. Fair enough. The back just has the standard Bay 50 bayonet prongs.
  4. Sorry, I'm at a loss on this one. Perhaps someone else knows. You may want to repost it with the photo this time and someone will know.
  5. This could be for mounting macro lenses similar to the Luminar. I forget what the Luminar's diameter is, but there probably are competing
    lenses that this may have been designed for.
  6. Taras, that was probably my thought when I first saw this years ago. Then, I realized that it attaches to the front of a lens, so you would be putting one lens in front of another. I have done this with 35mm in the past, putting a short lens face to face with a longer lens for macro work but I don't think this would work out in this case. I'm wondering now if it is to mount the camera and lens to a microscope or telescope for afocal work.

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