Hasselblad style quick release clamp

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  1. I am now using the Gitzo 1327 tripod + Gitzo 1277M ballhead +
    Hasselblad 45144 quick release clamp. On the top is 503CW body or
    CFE350Sa lens. This system works fast and well. But in the wind the
    clamp and the head seem not rigid enough. So I have been considering
    to buy an Arca-Swiss B1. I would like to know if there is an A-S B1
    or other product similar to the B1 which has a Hasselblad style quick
    release clamp. And is there a Hasselblad style clamp which can be
    attached to a ballhead except the Hasselblad 45144? If the answer is
    yes, should be very good that I can mount my Hassies directly with
    the integrated Hasselblad style quick release plate. If the answer is
    no, why? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hope I am getting your question right, I believe you can mount a Hasselblad 45144 to an Arca-Swiss B1,(an excellant if not the best ballhead around), I have mounted my Hasselblad quick release clamp to an
    arca swiss base plate so I can remove it quickly to accept other base plates,
    most of my Arca style plates are custom fitted and produced by Really
    Right Stuff in California. You could get a base plate to custom fit your
    503cw and use it with the B1 Ballhead with Arca Clamp and forgo the Hasselblad 45144, a couple of different ways to go, the B1 Ballhead will
    be more than able to handle the weight of the Cameras and Lens you
    have mentioned. Good Luck
  3. I don't believe there is an Arca Swiss ballhead with Hasselblad style quick release. You will have to use the Arca Style quick release and there are two options: either use the "Real Right Stuff" quick release plate fitted to the 503 body's base plate, or remove the Hasselblad base plate and replace it with an Arca Style one. There is a company that manufactures these, but I forgot their name...

    Which brings me to another question: which works better, the Arca Style quick release, or the Hasselblad Style quick release?
  4. I have a Arca-Swiss ballhead B-1 with a 45144 quick release clamp mounted on it, the quick release clamp,(45144) has an Arca style plate
    screwed into the bottom so it can be mounted on the Ballhead, I just like the 45144 for its simplicity and the fact I can mount my Hasselblad
    Handgrip on the 45144, with the proper adapter, (Pro Systems). So yes, they do exist and I use this arrangement quite often.
  5. "Which brings me to another question: which works better, the Arca Style quick release, or the Hasselblad Style quick release?"

    Arca Swiss, the Hassie system's just too fiddly, you're rummaging around underneath the camera where you can't see. However, I agree with the above post, a hand grip can be a benefit even with a tripod mounted Hasselblad, and if you think likewise then the ball head solution should take this into account.
  6. Here's a place I bookmarked some time ago. You might try them for an adaptor plate that would fit a Hassy to AS-type mount. http://www.clearsightusa.com/hassyfootcs.html
  7. I use the Hasselblad QR-Base on the FLM 58 FT-O.
    It is comparable to this one http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=productlist&A=details&Q=&sku=288481&is=REG
    but lacks a base plate and has a short stud with the 3/8" thread only. Thereby you can mount whatever QR-plate you like as shown in this article: http://www.poelking.de/wbuch2/FLM-Kugelkopf/eeFLM.htm

    It has a handy tilt-feature which turns it into a 2-way head if you like to, is well made, a lot less expensive than the Arca and bit lighter. It replaced my Linhof Pro III because it is considerably lighter compared to the Linhof and less prone to vibration (because of the shorter stud, I think) on my tripod. I must admit that it needs a bit more force on the knobs to keep it from slipping with heavy gear in odd positions. Otherwise it is as good equipment should be: you won't notice it after you became familiar with it.



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