Hasselblad set to launch world’s first medium format CMOS sensor camera

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  1. a full report. including what I'm looking for.
  2. That 2014 press release is no longer breaking news!
    Since then Fujifilm, Pentax, and Leica have joined Hasselblad in introducing new models of medium format CMOS sensor cameras. (None of which I can afford).
  3. His post was from 7 years ago…this is a zombie thread
  4. Which had been dormant again for almost three weeks, until... ;-)
  5. I think it's important on theoretical grounds to distinguish between zombie and reanimated threads.o_O

    Here is a late prehistoric (ca. 1450 CE) shell gorget from Georgia
    digitized from Polaroid Type 72 4x5
    Ga-Brt-E27b r.jpg
    Not too bad for what we had then (Graphic 4x5 camera)

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