Hasselblad Pistol Grip

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by danny_liao, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Are there different versions of the pistol grip?
  2. In my B&H Pro catalog thre isn't even a pistol grip listed although I know there is one available. I suspect it was for the early bodies, although I could be wrong. Some early body user will probably chime in.
  3. I had a pistol grip many years ago. After awhile, I dcided that the excellent ergonomics of the bofy were better without the grip. I think the grip actually caused me to shake the camera because it added 'resistance' to the shutter release!

    I find the 45 DEg finder better for stability as it allows you to use you head to help brace the camera.
  4. There are different versions of the pistol grip, for 500 C/M cameras and for 500 EL/M cameras. If you mount a 500 EL/M onto a pistol grip you will see that due to the weight this setup is excellent for 1/6 g (moon) but less useful on earth.

  5. Fitting one of the Hasselblad flash grips is much nicer ergonomically than the pistol grip, which will not fit any body newer than the 500C/M due to the location of the 3/8 tripod thread w/respect to the shutter release.
  6. I quite like the pistol grip with a 45 degree prism. Unlike the Rollei grip there's no juggling as the grip's left handed, leaving your right hand free to focus and wind. It's very nice with a focussing handle, which I find turns the 'blad into a much faster camera to use.
  7. I have rarely used the true (under camera) pistol grip though I have them for Hasselblad and Mamiya TLR. I would see them as for shooting with a sports finder like the old press men did, or with a 90 degree finder. I prefer using the left-side grip, or holding a flash that is mounted there.
  8. thanks for the info guys.

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