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  1. Hey everyone,

    I was looking at getting a new lense for my hasselbald 500CM and came across a
    question you folks might be able to answer for me. I was looking at 50mm
    lenses and was woundering if I could buy a C lenses for my 500CM. I don't
    know the differece beteween a C lens and a crome lense and everything elses.
    If someone could fill me in on what lenses I can and can't use with my hassy,
    well that would be great.

    Thanks alot,
    Rob Knight
  2. A C lens will work just fine. It is a little funky - by default, shutter speed and aperture are locked together. There's a spring-loaded tab that you push to set them independently. The C lens also has a mechanical self-timer that CF's do not. Look for the T * designation. Some C lenses had it (multicoating), but most do not. The filter size is B50, not B60. Chrome is a styling feature of bodies and magazines - some came in chrome, and some in black. There is no functional difference.
  3. Also note it's becoming harder to find spare parts for C lens service. I would buy a CF lens instead.
  4. a 50mm C "T" Distagon is a great lens & can be had, in super condition, for app. $500.
  5. The 500cm will work with any shutter lens - C, CF, CFI or CFE. The best 50mm lens has an FLE designation, which is also CF or newer. The optical design is significantly better than the older C or non-FLE CF lenses, whether or not you actually use the FLE adjustment. The C is OK, but I've used them both. I'm not going back to the C - I like it better when the corners are sharp.
  6. The C stands for Compur shutter. I had a chrome 50mm C in the 80's that wasn't T* coated. It was very soft in the corners. I now have a black T* C 50mm which is very sharp in the corners. I also have the 50mm f/2.8 F lens (no shutter) It is better than the C T* but weighs almost twice as much as my C T* 50mm. When I travel I take the C T*. Locally I use the 50mm f/2.8 F.

    To use the F or FE lenses you need a 2000 or 200 series camera that have a focal plane shutter, all which have been discontinud by Hasselblad.
  7. C lenses go on ebay for practically nothing. I bought a C non-t* 50mm for less than $350 cdn. Great bargains as many people overlook C's and even thinking about a non-t* is pretty much blasphemous for those obsessed with technical specs.
  8. A C lens for a 500CM is fine (this was the original lens for it). The filter size for the 50mm is not B50, though, but Series VIII, held in by a ring or the lens hood.
  9. Photos taken by a C-80 Planar lens, the most inexpensive Hassy lens<p>
    <img src="http://www.hellofan.com/myphotos/Street/120/slides/200605-6hassy-07.jpg">
    <img src="http://www.hellofan.com/myphotos/Street/120/slides/200605-6hassy-11.jpg">
    <img src="http://www.hellofan.com/myphotos/Street/120/slides/200605-6hassy-01.jpg">
    <img src="http://www.hellofan.com/myphotos/Street/120/slides/200605-6hassy-03.jpg">
  10. i used the c 50mm lens and was blown away with the image quality. IMO it went toe-to-toe w/ my CF lenses. The prices of H'bld zeiss lenses are incredibly low considering the stellar quality.

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