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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by diegobuono, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Hello all, i nedd you help, I have the opportunity to buy a second hand flextight 646, I would apreciate any input on the matter, it is a good
    buy today? What about computer/operating system compatibility (I only know it has firewire)? It is compatible with phocus software or
    only with flexcolor? And flaxcolor can be used on current OS (both Windows and Mac)? Sorry for the question a bit generic, untill today I
    hav only used epson flatbed scanner on Windows.
    Any input is very apreciated, thank you in advance.
  2. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Assuming you have no issues running the software or hardware on the current OS, great scanner, I had one years ago. It's not a PMT drum, and those are out there for little money but the Flextight is going to be a lot easier to work with if you are a scanning novice. Way better for film than most any flatbeds out there.
  3. Thank you Andrew, in fact my main doubt is about the possibility to run on current computer/OS (I wil need to buy those
    too, actually I use my laptop - Windows - to run an old epson photo perfectin 3200).
  4. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    Old machines on ebay are cheap. I recall the 646 running FireWire, not sure. You'll have to get the actual software installer with some description of minimum system requirements or search the web then compare to what you're using.
  5. My laptop does not have firewire so I need to buy a new PC that' for sure
  6. Diego, you are going to love the bump up in quality. As Andrew says, its not a drum, but its very good.
  7. It is my understanding that this scanner works with the current version of flexcolr, which can be downloaded for free. So provided you
    have FireWire, it should work on a new computer/OS.
  8. Thank you for your help, now I have to decide if invest money for this scanner and pc/mac, other than find a place in my tiny house
    where to put it (it is not somethink you want to move every time you need it, not for the weight nor for the risk to damage it). I hope the 2
    friends with whom I want to buy decide accept to buy it, 'till today we have had our picture printed on ilfochrome, but with demise of this
    process we must learn the hibrid workflow and I think is way economical (other than deliver best result) to scan by ourselves.
  9. Good luck. I think sharing the cost among friends is an excellent idea. And I found out something interesting. I had some
    scans made on an 848, and I notice that capture one has a color profile for the imacons. So using flexcolor to process the
    3f file to tiff, followed by opening in capture one with the 646 color profile, and perhaps tweaking histograms, etc., might
    be a nice workflow yielding great color.

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