Hasselblad Flextight 646 problems

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by diegobuono, May 14, 2014.

  1. Few days ago I started using my "new" (bought used) flextight 646, after 10 scan the scanner started doing weird noise while charging
    the film holder , gave me message like "white balance underexposed" or (alternatively) "no film holder" (Intraslated the messages from
    italian, so could be a little differnt from the original english message); at that poiht I have been able to scan just another frame but it
    came out not center3d on the area selected, like if the film holder slipped during the feeding. The seller told me to bring it to the
    hasselblad repair center (where it has been serviced before it was put on sale), the repairman checked it, they scaaned some films and it
    seems that all works properly). Now I will try it again but I'm wondering what happened, (the seller when I called on the phone an let him
    hear that weird noise, talked about a "friction" and "springs"). Any clue?
    Thank you in advance,
  2. Hi Diego,
    I know of problems with transmission belts on some Imacon scanners when they went old, but I haven't a personal experience on that problem.
    I have also read that it should be relatively simple to open the scanner's sides and check/change the belts by yourself. They are of standard sizes and should be relatively easy to find on the net.
    There is a Yahoo group called "IMACONUSERS" focused on Imacon scanners and users, I strongly suggest you to subscribe and dig the archived messages. It's an incredible source of help and learning.
    Here is the link:
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  3. After many scans finally the repairman too incurred in the problem so he filmed the problem and sent to hasselblad to receive some
    input becsuse he recently serviced thatvscanner and never seen this problem. I will let you know how it will end.
  4. Hi Diego,

    I was wondering if you ever figured out what the problem was asI am having a similar issue.
  5. Sorry for the (great) delay in answering, finally the scanner went to Hasselblad Sweden and came back ok. I do not know what the problem was.

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