Hasselblad FE lens communicate the wrong diaphragm to the camera

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  1. Hello all!
    Relating to the previous post


    Camera and lens finally arrived and for the cheap (sarcastic) price of 375 euros (postage an 22% VAT included) they fixed the diaphragm
    but now the diaphragm transmitted to the body (203 fe) are the wrong ones. The f set on the lens and f transmitted to the body are as
    follows (first number is that set on the lens):
    2.8 -> 2.8
    3.5 -> 2.8
    4 -> 4.8
    4.8 -> 4.8
    5.6 -> 5.6
    6.3 -> 5.6
    8 -> 9.5
    9.5 -> 9.5
    11 -> 11
    13 -> 11
    16 -> 19
    19 -> 19
    22 -> 19
    What happened? How is possible that they did not notices this? Is this problem related to the fixing of the diaphragm os it indipendent?
    This is very important to know because I would not to be charged for something that should be included in the previous bill.
    Is this a difficult repair? I would have it fixed before my trip to death valley (25 april) and would avoid to send again camera and lens to
    sweden, so I hope the italian repair center can (and want, because hasselblad sweden fixed the lens) fix it.
    Any hel is much appreciated.
  2. The FE diaphragm can be accessed from the rear of the lens. However, to access it, the aperture ring with the brushes, and the decoder trace board needs to be removed. This is not a resistor trace, but a digital code pattern. I don't recall that the board can be installed in anything but the correct position, but the brushed are very easy to bend and displace when disassembled.
    It is possible that the brushes are not tracing the correct position on the board as a result of the service. It is not a difficult thing to fix, but it helps to know what you are doing, and there are not that many of these lenses around, or people that work on them.
  3. Tom is right, the data part of the aperture mechanism needs to be rechecked. It may not be what you want to hear but I
    think you should return it and get it set correctly as the mechanism is very delicate and a well meaning but inexperienced
    attempt would probably cause more problems. You have a warranty on the repair?!
  4. Yes I have a warranty but I fear they say that this problem is not related to the fixing they made and I need to pay for this new repair.
    Tomorrow I'll call the repair center, I'll let you know. But now the problem is that I'm out of the city and can't bring the lens to them, and
    at the end of april I'll leave for the trip , shame on them, where is gone the professional of the old time? May be they are too busy to glue
    luxury leather on sony camera?!

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