Hasselblad A16 screen mask

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by robert x, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Hello -
    I just picked up a pristine A16 back from ebay, along with the
    focussing screen mask.
    Now I am a bit confused because I would have assumed the mask would
    just have a strip along the top and the bottom blacked out - leaving
    the image you would expect to get on the film.
    Imagine my surprise to find it just seems to have lines all over iot,
    in every direction, with what looks like a "superslide" sized hole
    right in the middle.
    Can anyone explain the reasoning behind this rubbish design from a
    company usually known for such good design ?

    Another thing I have never tested on my 'blad actually (500C/M) is
    whether the edges of what you see in the viewfinder matches exactly
    with teh edge of the film...anyone know ?

    Thansk in advance

  2. Robert,<br><br>First, the screen isn't opaque black, but transparent so it will not interfere with light meters in prisms.<br>There are opaque black ones too, which do have an effect on the meter reading.<br><br>The mask is indeed used for both 4x4 "superslide" and 6.5 x4 formats. Hence the "lines all over it".<br><br>A Hasselblad viewfinder image does not show 100% of what will end up on film, no. It's a few % less. You can easily test this yourself: measure both the distance between the metal edges of the focusing screen, and the width of the negative/positive. You must have both, and a ruler too, so you should know before anyone has a chance to answer. ;-)
  3. I tell a lie: the only black screen mask is for 4x4 superslide format. Not 6x4.5.
  4. Re. Viewfinder image vs. film area:

    I think I remember someplace it quoted as being approx 98% of the film image...

  5. AHA ! of course - prism lightmeters ! This had not even occurred to me because I use handheld....I think I may just use scotch tape ! Thanks all.

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