Hasselblad A12 Film Loading Problem

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by colm_timmons, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. I recently took a loan of an additional A12 back with a view to
    purchasing it to supplement my existing back. It is in great cosmetic
    shape and seems to have been used sparingly and with care. However,
    when I am loading film in the usual way it does not stop at frame 1
    like my existing back, it continues to wind the film onto the empty
    reel unhindered. It is older than the back I have been using. Is this
    a feature of the older backs (serial no. UC) or is it a fault?


  2. Is it an A-12 or just a 12. The A-12 stops at frame one, the older 12 has a window in the back so you can see the film numbers and you stop it at 1 and it stops at the other frames.Does it have a window or door on the back? If it does its the older style.
  3. Russell, it looks identical to my existing back, it has a window on one side that displays the current frame number.


  4. Com,

    The back (UC = 1975, so it is indeed an A12) is at fault.
    Should be easy and quick to fix.
  5. Sounds like the same problem I just recently had fixed. I was
    told that it happens when things get kind of gummed up in there.
    It works fine now.
  6. Colm,

    The film should stop winding at the first frame in this film back. It is not an uncommon problem, and any competent Hasselblad technician will be able to repair it for you.

    Dave Odess
    Factory trained Hasselblad technician
    28 South Main Street #104
    Randolph, MA 02368
    (781) 963-1166
  7. Thank you all for your responses. I have purchesed the back and have sent it to my nearest Hasselblad Shop for it's repair / service.


  8. I have an A12 that does this also. I find that winding very slowly, and counting the number of revolutions, helps me to not wind through the stopping point. It takes 7 revolutions to reach frame 1; if I approach this point very slowly and lightly, it will stop mechanically at frame 1. Otherwise, it will wind right on through.

    Of course, this is only an emergency procedure; the back does need service when this starts to happen.

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