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  1. I'm waiting delivery of a 503cx kit - three lenses, metered head, etc.
    I have - and know my way round - Bronica ETRSi and Mamiya RBSD, but am new to Hasselblad.
    I've downloaded the instruction manual. Are there any other books/manuals that would instruct me about the camera/lenses, etc and their niceties?
    Help will be much appreciated! Thank you.
  2. Wildi's "The Hasselblad Manual" (fourth or fifth edition would be best - see the Recommended Reading page on Hasselblad Historical) is a great book, probably available through your local library.
  3. Allways make sure the lens and body are cocked before putting a lens on or taking a lens off a Hasselbald camera!
  4. Q.G & Anthony - thanks for your advice.
    Regarding cocking the lens, I'm familiar with that from other cameras/lenses. The instruction manual shows how to cock the lens, but it is not too clear. Further advice would be appreciated, eg how does the slot look when it is not cocked, or how do you otherwise tell!
  5. Mervyn,<br><br>Page 6 in the user manual (page 4 in the PDF file on Hasselblad Historical) shows exacty that.<br>;-)
  6. Thanks Q.G - I had looked at that. I think it will be more obvious when I have a lens in my hand!
  7. The connection between lens and camera is through the rotating 'dog' in the camera's lens mount fitting in the slot in the end of the drive shaft in the lens.<br>The two have to line up, and do so in a direction (tangential to the optical axis) that allows rotating the lens (i.e. sliding the slot away from or over the dog), for the lens and camera to be separated or joined.<br>When camera and/or lens are released, the dog or slot no longer point in the right direction. The figure in the manual shows how they should be lined up, and also show the marks they have to line up with.<br><br>It will indeed be obvious when you have the lens and camera in your hands.
  8. Q.G. please may I prevail upon you a little further?
    I traced a copy of Wildi, but it was pre 503cx. I'm sure I could order a copy via our local library. However, I suspect it would be the latest - 7th, I think - edition. That can also be readily obtained here in the UK for around 25gbp.
    Apart from the price, is there any other downside to getting the latest edition? For example, does it deal less thoroughly with the 503cx than the 4th and 5th editions?
    Thank you for your help.
  9. Mervyn,<br><br>The 503 CX is just like all pre-503 cameras, and (almost?) everything Wildi writes about 500 C/Ms (for instance) also applies to the 503 CX.<br>The 503 CX differs in that it has an additional sensor for TTL OTF flash metering.<br><br>The latest edition is almost all about the H-series cameras, and with most of that devoted to digital photography too. Very little info about the V-System cameras (like your 503 CX) left, and what's left is very much thinned out, very general. Earlier editions are much better for V-System users. The 4th or 5th editions still contain very detailed info about almost everything, while already including info about the later V-System cameras. The 6th edition obviously is even more "up to date" as far as the later V-System stuff is concerned, but already drops a lot of detail to make room for the H-System.
  10. Q.G. - that is very helpful. Thank you very much.
    I've seen a 3rd edition - I'll see if I can get that for now.
    I think I'll need some advice about lenses and bayonet/screw filter adapters, but I will post again for those. I'm hoping my "parcel" will arrive today............

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