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  1. Apologies, but another camera that uses batteries! I have had my 500ELM for a few years but it was out of service due to those Nickel Cadmium batteries that do die eventually. Found a neat solution in the the shape of an adapter that lets me use a standard 9V "transistor" battery..problem solved, and the ELM lives on.
    I mostly use my 500C these days, much lighter for an old back like mine, but I do love the look and feel of the ELM...the noise when it fires is spectacular as well! Of course I can tell people that it is the Moon camera, well close anyway.
    Anyway after our little spell of wintry weather I took the ELM up the mountain to the Monaro High Plains to give it a workout. These were taken on a property with an abandoned stone house after a light snowfall...yes, it does snow in Australia, and it was as cold and miserable as it looks!
    First the Swedish beast.
  2. ..and one more.
  3. Now the pics.
  4. I hate to do this, but OMG.
  5. That's it folks. Film here was Pan F +, developed in Rodinal 1:50, scanned on Epsom V750.
  6. Oh, I did take some more that day at a car graveyard, leave that for another post.
  7. SCL


    Absolutely gorgeous - both the photos and camera. Snow in Australia, though.....?
  8. Great Pictures Tony! I think it's great that you were able to resurrected the ELM with that 9 volt adapter!
    Mike : D
  9. Thanks Guys. Yes, snow in Australia! I live far enough south (near the NSW, Victoria border) that we do get a winter. Although I'm on the coast, a short 1 hour trip will get me on the escarpment at 1200meters, which does get some snowfall, but it doesn't hang around long. The Australian Alps are another 2 hours from there, and the snow does stay there all winter.
  10. Great shots and good job of bypassing the nicad pack. Thanks for posting.
  11. Lovely shots Tony, geez, I have to get my Hassy out!
  12. Tony, what are you doing to my self esteem??? I just started feeling better about myself after picking up my new (old) Rolleicord IV and now you do this to me. Have you no mercy? Your shots are fabulous. Nice rewiring job.
  13. You're on some kind of a roll here lately. All i can say is "keep 'em coming!"
  14. Now we're getting all that white stuff that you didn't use! Great pics, once again, Tony:; snow was designed for B&W photographers. The yards taken with the 80mm would be my pick, but they're all just great.
  15. Thanks and sorry Rob, but the Rolleicord is a sweet thing. Rick, I love to photograph snow, but sliding down an icy peak on a pair of sticks doesn't appeal to me at all!
    Looking at the weather map shows that NZ is really copping it, the South Island looks like it will be covered...so yeah, we didn't use it all!
  16. Some people from the antipodes are just what my students used to call curve-breakers.
    Ruins and Yards Again are my favorites.
    Beautiful camera.
  17. Tony, I have been a lurker lately, but always enjoy your posts. Always well done, but
    this one is a favorite because my main cameras are a 500 elm and elx. I must have
    tens of thousands of shots on both cameras. The 120mm was my first lend back in
    the early 80s, and still one of my favorites. Pan F is a great choice.
  18. Tony, you have revitalized the forum with all your posts lately.
  19. I like the way the Sonnar images a lot. Beautiful photos.
    Rob, don't feel bad about your Rolleicord. You can make fantastic images w/ those, no matter what lens they have on them. And at the end of the day, your back and shoulder will appreciate not having hauled that ELM around! The one Hassy that I owned had a shutter that would wake the dead, but when I got a Bronica S it's shutter was in a totally different league. More like a gun shot.
  20. I have nothing to say that hasn't been said already.
  21. Wonderful images. Thank you.
  22. I thinned my motor-driven Hassy's out and only have an ELM left. I still have two good ni-cads left and also the 9V conversion like shown. Very nice camera, but I use my old 500C more often since it's a little less bulky and I don't need the speed of the motor drive. Did I say SPEED! That's really kind of a joke with these since I can wind my 500C just as fast or maybe even faster.
    Steve, I too had a Bronica S2A as my first real wedding camera and thought I was in Heaven with the interchangeable backs. Of course every time I hit the shutter release in a church wedding I could feel a hundred eyes piercing my back. I then switched to a Koni-Omega and it was something different. I kept wondering whether or not the damn shutter tripped. The Koni was a very, very good wedding camera for me, but the Hasselblad finely made it into my camera bag and for me was the best of all worlds. I didn't like spending the money at the time for lenses and backs, but it was well worth it. I still have the camera, all three lenses and all the backs, which still work like they did the day I got them. I guess the guy I bought them from was right when he said, "A Hasselblad is an investment". JohnW
  23. Yes John, I had similar experiences with weddings, ended up using a Rollei 3.5F in the church! Funny, but the ELM seems to go for chips these days (at least by Hasselblad standards) and much less costly than a 500CM, people are off put by the battery dependence I guess...or the noise...kind of like a Polaroid SX70 on steroids!
    I must admit, that standing in that quiet paddock the ELM sounds like a gunshot.
  24. Nice adaptation, lens set and excellent photos Tony.
  25. Tony,
    Don't let the cat out of the bag! Let's keep it a secret about the EL, ELM and even the great ELX going for peanuts. About 2 1/2 years ago I bought a rather nice EL on the big auction for $51.00 plus a small shipping fee. Later I bought another ELM body for $85.00 that had the waist level finder and one good battery. They've come up in price a tad bit since then, but they are still darn cheap for what you get. JohnW
  26. Again.. excellent choices and great great photography. I like that you used all the lenses too! I never had the money back in the day and now I think more MF equipment... as tempting as those Zeiss lenses are... is out of the question. I have a few Graflex and the Koni plus a few TLRs. So the Hassy will be in my next lifetime! Anyway.. you have got great results that Pan 50 was metered and developed perfectly. I may have to invest in Rodinal and ty again with this film! Nice to see a beautiful stone house. It would be nice if someone ..ummm restored it. The stone part is still in great shape. Stone is like that when you build with it.
  27. All great images but the first one of the stone house in particular is superb. Pan F is one of my favourite films but I usually develop it in ID-11. I may have to try Rodinal, I have some on hand and your results with it look very good, indeed.
  28. Damn, I should have never read this post! After reading it I was suffering that big auction site and stumbled on a black ELM with a 90 degree finder and a older 12 back for a buy-it-now of $149.00. That's a lot of camera for a small sum of money. The back shows some hard use, the finder has some small paint chips, but the body looks very nice and it comes with two none-swollen Varta batteries. No charger, but I have two extras anyway. I really didn't need it, but just thought it would look nice sitting next to my chrome elm. I think they will become good friends. JohnW

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