Hasselblad 500cm mirror lock up jammed the body

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  1. I think I already know the answer, but wondering if this is something simple. I am selling my 500cm and was showing it to someone today. When they tested the mirror lock-up, the camera comletely jammed. Can't wind it on, can't use the shutter, nothing. Not sure what happened.
    Anyone? Yes, I know I can send this in for repair, obviously. Just wondering if there is some simple thing here that I don't understand.
  2. Out of curiosity, is the back off, or darkslide removed, and is the lock around the shutter release turned to lock? Either of those will cause you to not fire the body, and you can't wind on until you fire it.
  3. Try a small screwdriver in the screw that you see from the back when you push the body shutter open. Gently turn it left and right, rocking very slightly and see if that won't free up the system. Turn it as far as it will go, but don't force it. Likely it will turn and set in one position and that will free up everything. Also, be sure the shutter button lock collar is not in the locked position.
  4. Tim - that did it! Thanks!
  5. It did that to me once when it was the only body I took on a scenic vacation. To me the solution was to get rid of the Hasselblads, which I have finally done. The most frustrating cameras I have used in almost 50 years of photography. They have been replaced with the ever present Ebonys and some Mamiya RBs.
  6. You are welcome, Andrew. I'm glad it was that easy. For some reason, and on rare occasion, that is a classic jam for the body although in my experience, it usually happens with a lens in position. Some one has even created a "Hasselblad Unjamming Tool" that is available in the marketplace, so it does happen. I've used "Blads" since 1972 or 73 and for me, this has happened maybe four times over the years, so I don't think it is common. If it happens to you regularly, it may indicate the need for service. Otherwise, just keep a good set of jeweler's screwdrivers with you for all kinds of uses on all kinds of cameras, lenses, etc.
    PS: If it does happen with a lens in place, an extra set of hands or a clamp of some kind (or tripod) to hold the body may be helpful because you may need to not only work the little reset screw, but also gently rock the lens back and forth slightly at the same time.
  7. Thanks Tim. I wasn't clear in my first post - the lens was in place, but the back was off the camera. I haven't had this issue before, so, I'm hoping it's not the sign of something significant. I turned the screw, and then pressed the mirror lockup button again. The camera was then unjammed. I tested the mirror lockup again, and it worked as expected.
  8. Hello! I'll hook up to this thread since I have similar yet different problem.
    I used my Hasselblad 500CM for quite a long time now, and I had few situations with lens jam as described above. I even made myself a tool ("not slipping screwdriver") for safe and quick unlocking.
    BUT suddenly something different happened and now I need serious help.
    At first my camera locked in the standard way, I mean:
    - lens was on
    - can't take the lens off
    - can't shoot
    - can't wind
    - rear curtains are closed
    So I used my tool as before:
    - opened curtains gently with my fingers
    - cocked the lens and fired
    - winded again
    But now something wrong happened to camera:
    Now, every time I shoot, after releasing the button, rear curtains remain in open position!
    They go down and close when I wind the camera along with a mirror, they open when pressing camera button but they do not go down after releasing the button.
    What happened? What can I do?
    Please help! :(
  9. I've got exactly the same problem Mikolaj Nowak has....curtains remaim open until I fiddle with the winder a bit forward or backward, then they finaly close. I suppose it is the springs, it got weary...But I'm not sure....Does anybody know any solution?
  10. There's only one solution really, Alex.
    And that is to have the camera serviced. Sorry!
  11. Thanks Tim! I had the same issue and your solution did the trick. I noticed you need to manually wind the inner turning mechanism — then wind the cocking mechanism on the outer body to fully reset. Was worried I would have to send my kit in :)
  12. Tim, thank you, your unjam method works on my Hasselblad 500M/C

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