Hasselblad 500cm Jamming

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by timdavison, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. When I press the shutter the lens fires but then the aperture blades stay closed and the mirror remains up. I am able to open up the lens aperture blades using the old trick of turning the small screw mounted inside the body (going though the barn doors at the back of the body) and then cocking the mirror by removing the focusing screen and manually pushing the mirror down again. However, every time I do this it just jams again with the shutter closed and the mirror locked up. The knob on the side for the film advance is locked and will not advance at any time.

    Any suggestion VERY gratefully received!

    Thank you

  2. Does your 500 C/M have a locking lever on the shutter release button? Maybe it is set to T.

    You could try pushing the prerelease on the side. Maybe that got accidently pushed a bit and stuck in a half way position.

    If not, it sounds like a problem only a full repair will fix. No quick fix trick.
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  3. Unfortunately I tried both of those things without success.
  4. Does it jam without lens?
    If you woble the lens will it un- jam?
    Can you try another lens?

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