Hasselblad 500c pricing

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by mikeivnitsky, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hi,All!

    Whats a good price for(each):
    500c body with chimney finder
    chrome 150/4
    chrome 50/4
    12 backs

    all pretty beat up but fully working?

  2. I would get a cm, then you can change screens, the a 12 backs are better, but you asked. I would not pay over $1500 for all.$1000 would be a deal.
  3. I'd guess the following, in beat up condition:

    500c & chimney: $235 range.
    150 chrome: $250
    50: $365
    Backs: $175

    Fleabay is probably a good indicator though.
  4. Go to KEH.com and see what they are selling for. The KEH pricing is not perfect but it's as close to a current price guide as you can find.
  5. does it worth it(coming from autocord and mamiya 645)?
  6. It all depends on the condition of the gear you are interested in.
    Older gear without service history will not probably not function as it should.
    A good service job with cleaning, lubricating and small adjustemnts will be necessary to make 40 year old equipment suitable for use.
    This will cost you at least 400 USD for a body, two lenses and two backs.
    Any repairs are extra so make sure your budget allows for extra expenses.

  7. Is it worth it?

    Of course it is worth the money you spend.
    Old Hasselblad equipment will give great results that will not even differ much from more recent Hasselblad gear.
    The emphasis should be on the condition not the looks of the stuff you buy.
    I occasionaly use Hasselblad equipment that is over 50 years old.
    Provided it is serviced and repaired when necessary it will function good and reliable.

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