Hasselblad 500 series – which flash shoe adapter?

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  1. I'm trying to find a place to conveniently mount a light meter. I've seen the rail and hood mount flash shoe adapters on-line. In general, I think the rail mount makes the most sense because the meter does not have to replaced when a lens is switched. However, I don't think I've seen an adapter for the rail that facilitates a horizontally mounted meter.


  2. The way to achieve that is turning the camera on its side, accessory shoe with meter on top.

  3. I know, but that seems like a chore when the camera is on a tripod and an adventure opportunity for at least one of my hands while I hold the body.
  4. When on a tripod, you have both hands free to use the meter (that then doesn't need to sit on the rail.)

    It (tipping the camera) iscwhat used to be done with sports finders attached to the rail, or the meter knob on the other side. Works well enough.

    If not to your liking, you need to fabricate some holder that slides over the rail, or attaches to the shoe that sots on the rail.
  5. Yes, both hands are free, but I expect I would still have to walk around to manipulate the dials. At least that has been the case when I've attached my meter to my TLR. If you know of some sort of adapter that facilitates horizontal mounting with shoes attached to the side of a camera body, I'd love to hear about that. Thanks!
  6. I meant that you can hold the meter in your hands when the camera isn't, so no walking around required. A meter attached to a camera on a tripod is quite a bit less easy to use than one you hold in your hands.

    I don't think the adapter you are looking for exists, hence the "you need to fabricate" comment. I don't think there are any adapters that have a foot + shoe configuration in the required orientation.
  7. I think you and I use our meters differently. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Have a great weekend!
  8. upload_2021-4-8_19-3-43.png

    The above 90-deg hot shoe adapter is part of the Reveni Labs' micro meter accessories, but I've seen some legacy versions too. You can fit it to the Hasselblad cold shoe - rail adapter.

    Manufacturing or modifying the Hasselblad rail adapter directly to your meter would be lower profile, and relatively easy to do.

    But I'm with q.g., when on a tripod, I'd use a hand held meter. Otherwise the wind knob meter is fine.
  9. Thanks, Tom! This is the widget I need for the rail shoe. It's available as a separate item.

    How I use a light meter with a tripod mounted camera depends on the distance to the subject and its size. Depending on those dimensions, I may leave the meter on the side of a body and pivot to subject for a measurement and then back to shooting position. With a top mounted meter, the pivot isn't required, which may be why I may choose the hood mounted shoe anyway.

    Thanks again, Tom!

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