hasselblad 500 c/m light leaks ?

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  1. i got a new hasselblad and do 3 film with, i see a underexpose band on 2 consecutive exposure on the top of the image, but never happen again ..it can be a lens flare ? on light leak on the magazine ?[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Light leaks are usually on the side , where the darkslide goes in, a light leak makes the positive lighter, not darker, this top band is underexposed as you say. I don't think it's flare either, sorry, I've used hasselblads for twenty years and never seen this problem. let's hope it never comes back....
  3. The band at the top is not due to a hight leak, rather a shadow, possibly from an auxiliary shutter not fully opening. It could also occur because the film is not flush with the opening, casting a shadow where the lens is partly obstructed.

    Light leaks usually occur when the seal in the dark slide opening deteriorates. It is seen as fogging on the side opposite the opening. This would be on the left side of the images shown above.
  4. The sun is almost directly in front and above the image frame. I'm guessing that what you are seeing is the shadow from the film gate when the sun hits the lower barn doors and the reflected light fogs the film. The shadowed strip has higher contrast than the rest.

    You get the same behavior on 35mm film cameras.
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  5. yes that's what i think, i shoot two more roll without any problem
  6. Indeed it looks as if stray light outside of the frame area is being reflected over part of the frame, and the darker band is shading of that flare.<p>I suggest you have a look at the condition of the flocking or black paint inside the dark chamber. Maybe a simple removal of dust would help.
  7. I think you are correct about the reflected light fogging the film, I missed the low contrast from the fogging thinking they were just rough scans....
  8. As already explained, the dark strip at the top is correctly exposed whereas the whole picture is fogged by internal reflection. I think it is due to the design of the camera (mirror box) because sometimes (in particular situations) happens to me too with 2 different bodies (both 203 fe). The fact that happens with the 203fe let me think it is not due to the auxiluary shutter door.
    I have some old post (with pictures) regarding the problem but I do not find the way to reach my previous posts since they changed the site (damn, I find it it very unfriendly).
  9. I have a other issue with the hasselblad, i have a line across the frame in the edge on every frame, other than that camera is beautiful and working well, i check the magazine and don't see any think how can't scratch the film
  10. Water marks from processing? Not quite enough chemicals in the tank?

    I see them on your original images too.
  11. It could also be an emulsion fault on that batch of film, but most likely, as Tom says, it's a processing fault.<p>
    Scratches take the form of dead straight lines, not wavy.<p><br>
    This is turning into a catalogue of possible image faults, isn't it?

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