Hasselblad 202FA any long time user feedbacks?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by raymond_tai, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Any long time users of the 202FA care to offer their comments? Any quirks, reliability
    issues? I am really interested in picking up one to use along side my 201F. I have
    only FE lenses so the leave shutter issue does not bother me. Prices have come down
    quite a bit on used Hasselblad and I was going to pick up a metered prism but a
    second body makes more sense. Thanks in advance.
  2. I only have 1 year experience, but I can highly recommend the camera. Especially,
    with the prices going south this is a great body. With only FE lenses, you don't have a
    lot of reason to upgrade to the 203FE. As you know, with CFE lenses the 203FE could
    become a fully manual battery-less camera. The only other potential advantage of
    the 203 is the increased shutter speed of 2000.

    I love the 202FA, the metering system, the ergonomics of the meter adjustment
    buttons, and Differential metering mode. My 202FA was picked up as a demo, which
    had full servicing at Hasselblad USA and came with the 3 year warranty. I paid $1250
    a year ago for the body. I note that there is an ebay auction currently, with the price
    @ 900 and the reserve has been met. This 202FA also has the full 3 year warranty.
    No question, you will prefer the 202FA over the meter prism. Remember on the
    prism you have to set the minimum aperture and you will have to manually set your
    shutter speed. With the 202FA it is much more automatic and potentially could be a
    point and shoot body.

    Check out:


    Also, check with your Hasselblad dealer as they may be able to get a good deal on a
    demo 202FA or 203FE. I bought mine through The Photo Village in New York and
    they reliably shipped the camera to Canada (www.photovillage.com).

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