Hasselblad 2000 FCW and 2003 FCW serial numbers

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  1. To clarify a matter concerning the numbers of Hasselblad 2000 FCW and
    FCW cameras produced, when they were produced, and in what serial
    range, i would like to ask all owners of Hasselblad 2000 FCW and 2003
    cameras to
    submit the two letter year-code and serial number of their FCW
    bodies, plus, of course, the body type (either 2000 or 2003).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Q.G !

    I have a 2003FCW, with the serial number: RR1525348

    Best regards
  3. I hope this information could help you.

    Serial number RR1524646
    Body type: 2003 FCW

    Buy on november 1991

    L.D.I. Ricardo Perez-Saravia
  4. Thanks Ricardo!<br><br>Your 1988 2003 FCW has a serial number lower than some known 1987 produced (one year earlier!) 2003 FCW and 2000 FCW cameras.<br>Remarkable, not only that apparently some 2000 FCWs were still produced after production of it successor model had started, but also how serial numbers were assigned out of order.<br>Collecting numbers has not yet shown a pattern though, and the reason behind this is still unknown (to me, at least). Yet. ;-)
  5. Hello Q.G., mabye late but still .... ; serial number RE 1526031 , 2003FCW black
  6. Never too late, so thanks Tedi!

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