Hasselblad 110mm f/2 with Zeiss 2x Mutar

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by raymond_tai, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. The 110mm is the longest Hasselblad lens I own and am considering either the 250mm F or
    CF for travel. Else I can look for a 2x Mutar for the 110mm. How does the 110mm perform
    with the Mutar and how does the combination compare to either 250 lenses? Thanks in
  2. depends on what mood you are in?

    do you want the sharpest prints you can make?

    or lightweight convenience of having two focal lengths served by one lens?
  3. Frederick

    Although I understand the point you're making, don't forget that the Mutar is a 'lens' and not exactly tiny. I have the 120 CF and was in the same situation, but ended up buying a 250 CF - and don't regret it.


  4. Ray, I have the 110mm and would not use it with a mutar. I have a chrome 250mm C lens that is very sharp and is about as small as a 250 gets. If you want to take only an occasional travel shot the chrome 250 is the best buy as they are cheap and good!
  5. Anthony, Thanks for the advice. I'll get the 250. Ray
  6. I have the 250mm CF and am happy. It's sharp at max aperture and reasonably holdable.
  7. I do not own a 110mm but I do have a 2x Zeiss mutar which as one of the previous posts points out is a lens in its own right.

    This post is a testimony to the Zeiss 2x mutar!

    I use the mutar with an auto bellows and 135mm macro and I am consistantly blown away by the results. (I am amazed that you can get a really good secondhand 135mm Macro so cheaply)

    I also use the mutar with bellows and 80mm and get around 6x magnification. Again sensational, although I can get some vignetting at max extension, depending on aperture. I allow for this and just crop it out from the prints.

    I have also used the 2x mutar with a 140-280 Varigon and contrary to what Wildi says it works perfectly well - but you cannot zoom without refocusing each time. As most of what I am doing takes a fair amount of setting up this does not bother me. Of course I have to use faster film. Mostly I use 160 or 400asa depending on light.

    So I have an 80mm and the Varigon and can shoot 80mm plus 140-280mm or 160mm plus 240-560mm. With my 135mm Macro, and 80mm with bellows I can do Macro work up to 6X and have total control of the image size.

    The 2x Mutar is a remarkable lens and I would not part with it. It has also enabled me to do some very satisfying photography when I cannot afford lots of prime lenses. All my prints seem razor sharp to me.

    In a perfect world I suppose I would like to try prime lenses (150mm and 250mm) but everytime I am tempted I look at current results and think, can I really do any better? - the answer may well be yes!! I think I would get a 350mm first anyway and use the mutar to also get 700mm.
  8. I do not have any experience of Mutar and 110/2 but should work just fine, I guess. I have never seen a Zeiss or Hasselblad labeled bad unit. Another thing is that these 250 mm Sonnars are pretty good too, I have been using 250 CFi. All 250 mm Sonnars should be pretty equal beginning from Sonnar of 1600 F. It is amazing that 250 mm Sonnar is hand holdable too. Weight is not a problem, length with a hood some times.

    Kerkko K.

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