Has this happened to anyone else using a 5D mark 3?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by rocky_g., Jun 21, 2013.

  1. I have had my 5d Mark 3 for just over a year now and I have got about 3 or 4 images like this.
    Of course this one happened just 7 days after my warranty expired. Like I said, it has only happened about 3 or 4 times in the last month. I use this camera about 5 or 6 days a week. Each time I was using pocket wizards to trigger off camera flash. Does anyone have any insight on what is going on?
  2. I would try to replicate the problem w/o using the PW. It is possible (though unlikely) some sort of feedback from the PW could be intermittently causing an internal voltage spike/ or EMI internally, which is affecting the camera's internal board (such as, in this case, knocking out some color channels) but if that's the case, and the source is the PW, it would violate the warranty anyway.
    In a nutshell, yeah, try to replicate it w/o the PW. If you are unable to, I would replace the PW (before any permanent damage is done).
  3. Rocky, Could you describe the problem? I mean, I think we are seeing from one to four different problems in your image,
    so just to be clear:
    1. The top of the image may be supposed to be the bottom,
    2. The top part also shows lots of noise,
    3. The left of the image may be the right of the image,
    4. There may be a white balance issue with your photo.
    Are all of these the problems you see, or am I missing something? Am I adding a problem that is not an actual error?

    I have no idea of what could cause these (other than, perhaps, a failing CF card), but identifying the problems could help
    others to figure out what's the root cause.
  4. Shooting, raw or jpg, can you borrow another PW ?
    Look like a data corruption for me, something is wrongly written on the card, like a gost bit or byte that f?ck the data.
    Try using the same setup with another lens, card, use an ir remote a la place of the pw.
    Then get us updated.
  5. Yeah Ruben, you got everything. I called PW and they told me there is no way that the PWs had something to do with it. I probably fire that camera 1,000 times a week and it has only happened 4 times in the past few months. If it happened every time I took a shot, it would be a lot easer to diagnose. I do shoot everything in Raw. I sent it into canon, maybe they can figure it out. I cant be the only one that has had this problem
  6. Looks like data corruption to me. This can happen anywhere between the camera and the PC. (camera, card reader, cables, etc.). Perhaps it's an idea to check the pictures (on your PC) first before re-using the CF card. In that way you can get an idea where the corruption occurs. It's always tough to diagnose an intermittant problem.
  7. When do you actually see this, Rocky? Is the corruption visible on the camera's LCD, or only seen after you've imported the files onto your computer?
    If the latter - which software are you using to import/ingest the files?
  8. I see it on the cameras display. If I was smart I would have marked the card so I knew if it was the same card everytime
  9. I can think of at least five points of failure that could cause it:
    1 - The camera could have a problem, and it could have written the data wrong.
    2 - The memory card could be failing, and it recorded the data wrong.
    3 - There could be a problem with the link you're using from the card to the computer, and the file copied wrong.
    4 - The could be a hardware problem with the computer, such as a failing hard drive, that corrupted the file after it was copied to the computer.
    5 - There could be a problem with the software being used to decode the image.
    It can take some work to figure out a problem like this when it's intermittent. Do the images look correct when you preview them on the camera? If so, it probably isn't (1) or (2).
    I personally doubt the PW is to blame. It could definitely be a computer hardware problem. When I had troubles similar to this, it was ultimately traced to a bad memory stick. But I never figured it out - I gave up and gave the computer away, and the new owner spent over a month with the troubleshooting.
  10. I see it on the cameras display.​
    Then I would suspect the card is bad. Seems more likely then the camera being bad anyway. If you don't know which one, replace them all? The 5D3 can take SD cards which are really quite cheap.

    Also, if you use CF cards, have you checked the card slot for bent/damaged pins?
  11. Is the firmware current?
  12. Its happening in camera if its on the LCD? Canon will fix it and they will probable assist with the cost as the problem started within the warranty period. We have 2 year statutory warranties where I am. What's the US warranty from Canon?
    It could be anything gone amiss in the camera, even a failing sensor or its connection to the circuit boards.
  13. Its happening in camera if its on the LCD? Canon will fix it​
    The fact that it's visible on the LCD does not mean it's a camera problem. All it proves is that it's not a PC problem.
    Much more likely that it's a card problem.
  14. I dont know that much about the inner workings of the camera or cf cards. What I don't understand is that I can set the camera to shoot without card and it will show the back of the image on the display. Obviously when I scroll through images it is displaying them from the cards, but is it possible that the initial display of a shot is off of the camera and not from the card? I also have noticed that many times that when I take a shot, the immediate image that automatically pops up in the display looks bright and vibrant. Then when I see the image again in playback it doesn't quit look so bright as I remember. I thought I was just crazy but maybe thats true
  15. I don't know the cause, but also consider the card reader and cable as a potential source.
    Is it linked to the speed that you are shooting? I know somethings I double fire and the second frame will always look bad.
  16. I don't know the cause, but also consider the card reader and cable as a potential source.

    OP has already said it is showing up in camera during LCD review so it can't be computer related or cable/card reader related. That leaves camera and card.... the card is the most likely and easiest/cheapest to fix.
  17. Ditto. Since you haven't been tracking which card was being written to when the error occurred, and it's only happened a few times over thousands of images, I'd say it's pretty likely you are seeing a bad sector on one card, and that everytime it gets written to (the bad block) you see the results...
    At this point, I'd probably try to do a max fill at max speed on all your cards. (ie, format then shoot till full at maximum FPS), alternatively, if you simply copy a full cards worth of data to the card (using the computer), if this is the cause, you'd likely see the same result.
  18. The original image is not available anymore, but is this sounds like the "purple band" problem. Definitely not a bad sector on the card as I've seen one instance of this occurring on dual cards in the camera. And the embedded jpeg has an identical corruption as the processed raw which further suggests the issue is inside the camera and not the card.

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