Has there been an influx of particularly vitriolic people recently?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by pjmeade, May 16, 2005.

  1. I posted a new folder today and added 4 photos to rate recent. I very
    quickly acquired several low ratings from members who had registered
    in the last few days without posting any work. Am I unlucky or is my
    work really that bad bad?
  2. I noticed the same:<br>
    - all accounts created within the last few days<br>
    - no own photos or biography<br>
    - yahoo.com email adresses<br>
    - well distributed ratings (4.1-4.3 average, you've got a 6/6 from one)<br>
    - strange top-rated photos in their gallery<br>
    Looks like bots to me. I wonder for what means :-(<br>
  3. Hi Peter, it happens very often; the first to rate are often people who registered one, two days before, have no photos and vote very low. It seems they are no longer anonymous, but what do they care? I suppose it's a game for them and, maybe, it provokes a sort of sadistic pleasure. I also noticed that they rarely use 1/1, which the system deletes; they want their low ratings to stay. Personally I think the photo of the child is a good one; maybe you could object on originality, say it's average; but the expression is good, the photo is well executed. It certainly doesn't deserve 2/2 or 3/3, IMO.
    What to do? Ignore them; that's what I do after the first three minutes' irritation.
  4. Until today, I haven't uploaded a pic in months that hasn't immediately been hit with 2's within minutes of uploading. The low raters always became members the same day - quite often, however, they are deleted by the automated system.
  5. Bots galore, and they all have silly and obvious names!

    tell abuse@photo.net, and they will be removed.

  6. I admit that i also have met similar acion lately!
  7. Peter

    That looks like the pattern that bots used last week. I would say three of those ratings you got are from bots. All the 3/3s you got not the other low rate. Check out their ratings (bell curve), date of membership, number of ratings, and their very "English names" You should report all three to abuse@photo.net

  8. Thanks for your answers. Many of the raters seem to have been wiped from the details page, although some rates remain on the details for the folder.

    I'm not absolutely sure how the current rating system is working at the moment. The 2/2 has come from someone with photos, but I notice he had a message left on his "portfolio" by another exasperated member who had their work rubbished too.

    Well, we live and learn. Hmmm.

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