Has anyone tried Lab-Box, a daylight film developer tank?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by terrymc, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. As well as I know it, you want to be pretty close to 590nm.

    I suspect grabbing a random amber LED might not be that good, but most do publish
    the spectrum, so you could select a model that was close enough.

    You can see the dip in the spectral response of photo paper, though they usually
    don't put so accurate a scale on it as you might want.

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  2. Who mentioned Crystal Archive colour paper?
    For multigrade B&W paper you can use almost any old Red or Amber LEDs in your junk box. Or even a mixture of both.

    And if you are printing Fuji CA paper, then there are LEDs specifically engineered to mimic LP sodium lighting.
    Expensive, agreed, but if your budget doesn't run to that, there's this, specified as having an emission in the range of 590 to 595nm.
  3. Yes with black and white paper, even VC paper, there are a lot of choices.

    For color paper, much less choice. I do have an actual #13 safelight, though.
    I suspect you can't get away with the 240W for the one you show.

    I mostly used my #13 with Panalure, but it has been used with some Kodak color paper.
    In either case, it isn't very bright. It should be called a safe-dark, as that is closer to
    what it does. I once dropped the paper on the floor, and couldn't find it.

    And then there is (was) Ektachrome 1993 paper, with no safelight allowed.

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