Has anyone taken a Paolo Roversi Workshop?

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  1. Inquiring minds want to know.
    Thanks for all your feedback.
  2. I have no experience of this, but with any workshop the questions are: Is the price reasonable? Is the workshop long enough to be worthwhile, e.g with time for participants to work themselves with comments by the workshop leader? A further factor is your present level of experience - if you are a beginner, you may be wasting your money taking a masterclass immediately, if you are more experienced, you can learn an awful lot by buying a book by the master photographer in question and another on studio lighting (for example, the one by Roger Hicks). You can then put what you have learned into practice by getting use of (if necessary hiring) a studio well equipped with softboxes, flash head attachments etc. and working with a friend to experiment on lighting set-ups. Workshops vary widely (I've done quite a few) - some workshop leaders are generous in sharing their experience, others just want to get their hands on their fee with minimum effort and clearly don't want to give too much away.
  3. A lot of workshops are cheap, but they are done in a large group setting like deep sea fishing with 100 others dropping a pole in the water, the person giving them may have only a year experience in photography itself. Many will only go to one location and tell everyone what to set there camera settings on. If you feel thats reasonable then pay it. If you want a real photography workshop, you dont' look to find the cheapest or most reasonable. You should read about the class structure first, find out how many people per class max, read reviews from past clients if they have them and research the photographer giving the class, hopefully from there own professional website. Much better and faster than any book and hands on.

    I teach workshops in Chicago. My clients come from all over the world to local residents. With my structured workshop, some one with no experience will learn 6 months of reading beginners books packed into a two hour class. Books are great, but many times there are questions that aren't there and some of the directions aren't very clear. Also after my classes, my students can send me unlimited emails with questions that I answer as they continue there journey to learn photography.
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