Has anyone shot with the Vito III?

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  1. I have one of these rare machines, but haven't tried it yet. It has an Ultron f2.0.
    What kind of quality do you get? Is the rangefinder tough or easily offset? P.S. It's a Voigtlander from the 1950s.
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  2. Forgot the photo:

  3. The Ultron is an excellent lens.
    I have a Vitessa fitted with one and this was taken at f/2.8 IIRC.
  4. The lens won't be the weak link in the process, assuming it's in good condition.
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  5. Wonderful camera and the lens is superb. Whether you like the way focus is done etc. is a matter of taste and experience as in my experience it works very well. The shutter release in mine is miraculously lovely! The rangefinder in mine is clear, bright and accurate, though I can't speak to how they are in general.
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  6. Well I am basically jealous. I would love one of these. I too, have an Ultron on a Vitomatic IIb and as one said..this will not be the weak link. I believe RickD here has the Prominent and has written a post on it. The Prominent ,which is the top of the line RF which supported changeable lenses. was maybe not so easy and was awkward to use . Apparently the the top deck is the same as the Vito III . But here, we have a dedicated lens so IIRC this might relieve some of the handling strictures of the Prominent. Yes I would like one please!

    link to Rick's Prominent post

    Bursting into Prominents
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  7. I am jealous of that Vitomatic IIb with an Ultron. Those are scarce, and the Vitomatics focus quickly and shoot quietly.
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  8. Fantastic. Thanks for the report on a "very interesting" camera.

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  9. My Vito III with a little friend - both lenses very fine 50mm f2 and similar designs.

  10. An early Retina
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  11. Not that early.
    It's a model IIa, from 1951-54. So about the same age as the Prominent and Vito iii.
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  12. They're so similar in some ways, so entirely different in others. I like shooting with both, but the Vito III just has this extra level of smoothness that appeals.
  13. The Voigtlander cameras of the 50’s are some extremely smooth machines, as well as some of the best finished of the period.

    I haven’t had the pleasure of using a Vito III, but Vito B, IIA and Vitessa’s are all equally exquisite, when in good condition.

    i love the Retina’s too but prefer the later IIc ergonomics/later type Synchro Compur shutter and not having to set the 1/500 second shutter speed before winding the film like one has to do with the earlier “a” models.
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  14. The big difference for me is that I can fit the folded Retina iia in a shirt pocket. Something that can't be done with later Mkiii Retinas, nor any Voigtlander.
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  15. I don't have the Vito III but the II and the original Vito are really quite small when folded .. The Vito II is 12.5x7.5 x 3 . I suppose the RF in the III adds substantially to the height. The Ultron at F2 is bigger, but I don't know if it is that much longer the normal Skopar is 3.5 @50mm
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  16. For no other reason than to add to the camera porn... here's my Vitessa - Vitessa.jpg
    All working nicely for a 62+ year old, with even its slow speeds being bang on. But then it's never been raced or rallied.

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