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  1. Amazing! Wouldn't that be an exciting move. Lovely little video clip, too. Many thanks for posting, Andy.
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  2. Should be interesting. I hope they can make this happen. I would guess it'll be a digital that is retro styled (like a GSN). I base that on the girl in the video holding the camera out in front like one would to use an LCD screen for framing. I could be wrong.
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  4. Doesn't look like it has a rear screen, maybe they are using and old film camera for a prop

  5. I see now. The girl is attempting a selfie. However, the original GSN would not be able to focus that close. But if it's a prop, it's okay.
  6. Maybe they will produce another film rangefinder. Film and film cameras seem to be making a bit of a comeback...Kodak Ektachrome, Polaroid's 'new' One-Step and new Polaroid instant film, who knows what's next! It's exciting, for sure!
  7. Wishful thinking, but if Yashica were to bring in a rangefinder model I'd love to see something like the Lynx series (mechanical shutter and match needle) rather than the automatic only GSN series. Regardless, they should sell if the price isn't too high.
  8. Perhaps there's more to it than this, but I think a Hong Kong company is just using the classic camera heritage of the brand they purchased from Kyocera to sell an accessory lens for smartphones: YASHICA | The Silence of Story
  9. It seems there is more to it after all:

    YASHICA Official

    'Expect the Unexpected The Unprecedented Camera by YASHICA October 2017, Kickstarter.'

    Still nothing solid about what type of camera this might be.
  10. At first glance it looks like another accessory lens for cell phones, but with a famous name. I might be wrong, but I don't see how this company could bring back a film camera and keep the price reasonable since the original equipment for producing such cameras is probably long gone. Even if still around, the cost might be more than most would be willing to pay.
  11. I also read a reference that this might be just an accessory lens.. or maybe they ( Yashinon) is making lenses for digital/mobile phones. I really can not imagine anyone making a real film camera. Cosina with the Zeiss Ikon was probably the last and similar RFs are nominally still in production through Voigtlaender. I also would never have imagined a monotone only sensor in or as a Leica would be brought to market let alone be successful. ...so don'T ask me!!
  12. But wouldn't a Yashica GSN or even an MG-1 be awesome to have if Kodak were to bring back Panatomic-X?
    The GSN showed up in some of the videos here, but the only effect I see from that is a few might seek out a used one. Unfortunately, the "pad of death" issue plagues many of what otherwise look to be in good condition. I did notice a Yashicamat G in another video. During their peak production they were a bargain, but the last few years they were available (after production actually stopped) they were pricey.
    Not meaning to turn this thread into a history lesson, buy Yashica also sold a couple of nice Super-8 cameras that had lap dissolve capability.
  13. I can say that the owner of the camera shop on the corner who has vintage cameras piled up to his ears told me two months ago that he had already sold three times as many cameras in the past 6 months than he sold in the past 2 years and his prices are going up and he is not negotiating like he used to.
  14. Well it seems it is an "unexpected" digifilm camera ...cough cough...after all!
    It seems to be modelled on, and playing upon the Electro 35. Claims to model the feel ..taking the time of shooting film etc . Seems a fixed f2,8 with 6 speeds. They show a cassette of sorts .. "digifilm" offered in popular flavors color,b&w,HighSpeed etc.,
    Clever that they tap into this raging retro fad and exploit or create a niche for young people looking for... just this!!!

    Expect the Unexpected. digiFilm™ Camera by YASHICA
  15. Thanks Chuck...It will be interesting to watch this project. If it gets going it might just find a market niche... And perhaps assist in the re-awakening of film. I'd better polish up the Electro 35's!
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  16. I'm in. It was just too irresistible at the 24 Hour Kickoff price of $150 US for the camera, all 4 DigiFilms and, most importantly, the Yashica post card ;-)

    Now I just have to live long enough to receive the actual product. Seven months seems unnecessarily long.

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