...Has Anyone seen this yet! Digifilm!!

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  1. This is why I tell my wife:
    "Don't worry about me accumulating so many old cameras (G.A.S.), when the RE35 digital roll finally comes out,
    it will SKYROCKET the value of these forgotten film cameras, and as a result, be better than a retirement account"
    ;) :rolleyes:
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  2. None of the local shops where I live ever have any photo gear at all so I'm limited to ebay or KEH. KEH does usually cost more, but they do provide a warranty on most items.
    However, I was lucky enough, year before last, to have a friend that gave me the following fully functional gear (in good condition): Pentax Spotmatic F with 50mm f1.4, 35mm f2.8, 28mm f3.5, 105mm f2.8, and 200mm (all Takumars)
  3. Wow! Nice friend!
  4. Yes, and this friend also gave me a barely used Vivitar 383 flash a few month after. Mainly using it on manual gear with no electronics since I haven't gotten around to checking the sync voltage yet.
  5. Good thinking. I know someone who fried the circuitry in his digicam by using a film era flash on it. Ouch!
  6. Wein makes an adapter called Safe Sync which reduces the sync voltage to a safe 6 volts. I have one with a built in pc socket. I use it mainly for my Sunpak AP 52 622 on my Pentax K50 and Canon Rebel T3. But before I got any digital gear I also used the adapter with my Minolta X700 and XD-5.
    BTW, if using a multitester to check sync voltage make sure it is rated at 20,000 volts per ohm.
  7. The vapor is coalescing! It may actually become a physical product.
  8. Well I'm waiting with baited breath...
  9. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    "Dear Backers

    Thank you for your great support and patience.

    We are happy to inform that the shipping starts by the end of this month.

    Hmm... and which month
    is that...?
  10. Been eatin' worms, have ya? :D Or, did you mean 'bated breath'?
    Well, it was August when they sent that, so I'm going with August. But, I don't expect mine any time soon.

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