Has anyone replaced the SSD in a MacBook Air?

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  1. I'm looking to buy either a refurbished Mac Book Pro or a refurb Mac Book air. I know that while Apple prefers that you not replace the
    original SSD in a MacBook Air it is possible ( see http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/SSD/OWC/Air-Retina ) . My intent is to put a larger
    capacity SSD inside. I'll use an external Thunderbolt drive for actual image storage.

    The MB Pro or Air will supplement my desktop system for when I am traveling or for writing when I don't want to/ can't sit at my desk.
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    I've only done the MBP and did it with a Samsung Evo ssd. It was easy. The MBP has a normal hard drive and the Air has a flash module hard drive that looks like a ram stick. Those look easy as well and can be bought at OWC
  3. >>> Has anyone replaced the SSD in a MacBook Air?
    Yes. I put <a href= "http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JKCHNPE/ref=wms_ohs_product? ie=UTF8&psc=1>this Transcend 480 GB drive</a> in my 2012 MacBook Air. Easy replacement, and it comes with a tiny/slick USB 3.0 enclosure for putting your smaller removed SSD in. Two screwdrivers (five point Pentalobe and T5 Torx) come with the kit. Highly recommend it. They also have a 960 GB model. There are different models depending on the year of the Pro/Air machine. I don't think 2013 MacBook Airs are supported. <P> I've also put a Crucial SSD drive in a previously owned MacBook Pro. Also easy...<P> With respect to the Air/Pro choice, I migrated from a MacBook Pro to an Air and like the longer battery life, smaller size, and less weight. Perfect for traveling. It has also become my main Lightroom machine for traveling, with my desktop Mac not getting much use other than to sync up the LR catalog. Only reason I'd choose a MacBook Pro would be for the higher rez "retina" IPS display.
  4. The only caution I would have is to try to match the new device with similar power consumption as with the original. Not much point in screwing with the charge consumption / load. Those onboard bats can get a little hot with higher power consumption.
  5. it depends on the model/year MBA. I'm not aware of anyone making a larger 3rd party module for the 2013 Haswell+ (I have one but haven't looked other than OWC). The prior ones are available. In general, it's simple since the machine is so thin. Just remove the bottom half and the mSATA board is right there on an edge connector. If you haven't already, go to ifixit and download the repair guide for step-by-step. I wouldn't worry about the power since the SSD is the lowest consuming device on the machine.
  6. OWC-one world computing is a great source if very good apple/mac info. Check them out.
  7. You might have noticed that I referenced OWC - http://www.macsales.com - in my original question. Been using them for years for RAM and SSDs in other machines.
  8. Oops, sorry Ellis, my brain was disconnected!

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