Has anyone purchased a refurbished Canon body?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jamie_clouser, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I'm considering purchasing a refurbished Canon from usa.canon.com. Can anyone vouch for their experience in doing this?
  2. No, not yet. But I will in the future. I'm fortunate in that I live 10m from the NJ repair facility and have dealt with these folks face to face. They've been very pleasant to work with, professional, courteous, expedient and willing to take the time when it came to working out a frustrating intermittent issue I had with one of my bodies. Their professionalism imparts confidence that any issues I might have with a "refurb" will be handled properly.
  3. I bought a Refurbished 5D Mark II, I have not had any issues with it (touch wood). I did buy an extended 2 yr third party warranty (from Square Trade - no affiliation). The camera looked like new, so far I am very happy with my purchase.
  4. I have a t1i that is my main "kids/family" camera that I bought as a refurb from Adorama a while back. Not had a single issue with it.
    In general, I haven't had trouble with any refurb I've bought anywhere (with the caveat that I try to only buy refurbs where the original manf does the "refurbing").
  5. Ditto for what Josh said: make sure it is refurbished by Canon with their 90-day (I believe) warranty. I frequently buy refurbished:
    Canon 40D
    EF-S 17-85 IS
    Apple iPhone 4 (not from Canon, of course)
    No issues with any of them.
  6. I have a 5D with a modified mirror and a properly working LCD that is refurbished. Looked new except for a little sticker on the bottom.. It works well with no problems. At least I know it passed through Canon hands.
  7. I have bout a S95 refurb and other than the box it came in you could not tell the difference. Works as new.
    I am waiting (delivery today) on a 7D as a second body to my 5D MKII - Will report to the group my satisfaction.
  8. Twice. Canon refurbs are the best. Have no fear, go for it!
  9. I got a refurbished Canon Rebel XTi from Adorama a few years back for $299. I looked brand new when I got it. Only the little sticker on the bottom identified it a refurbished unit. The camera has performed flawlessly. I wouldn't hesitate to buy refurbished again.
  10. UPDATE:
    Received the 7D a few minutes ago... here are a couple of shots of the unboxing. Camera looks brand new... not a single bit of paint missing, no signs of wear. Brand new battery and charger...which I needed to buy anyway, so this is a bonus for me.
  11. Second picture...
  12. No problems with my refurbished 7D, it's almost a year old now!
  13. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! I think I will definitely be going refurb!
  14. I bought a 50D refurb from Adorama a year or so ago. No issues at all.
  15. Ed. V
    Though worth noting that Josh's Canon refurb was from Adorama - which come with a 12-month warranty rather than the 90-day warranty if you get them directly from Canon (they've been refurbished by Canon, just the same)

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  16. Helen, do you have any refurbished 5D Mk II's for sale? I can't seem to find them on your site if you do.
  17. Never mind, I found it on your site.
  18. Spencer - do email me: Helen@adorama.com if you need help with anything else.
  19. I purchased a 60D body only a couple months ago and have been very happy since. Right out of the box, I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference if it was new or refurbished. I couldn't find any wear on the body. I'm not quite sure how to tell the true number of actuations, but the image numbering started at 55 when I took my first picture. I've had no issues with it since purchasing and couldn't be happier, especially with it being $200 cheaper than a new body.
  20. Just for the record, I have bought many used Canon EOS cameras, for that matter, and every one of them has been usable, and mostly like new.
    A good time to buy them used is when the "professional" (meaning physicians and the like- with much money and little time to actually use them much--you do not want to buy a used one from a professional photographer) users who always have to have the latest thing are dumping their 'mark 1" to replace it with a 'mark 2'.
    Such cameras are often essentially new in original packaging, etc.
  21. I have a refurbished 7D and a 40D - No problems with either. The 40D lasted for over twice as many shutter activations as it was rated for in the specifications.
  22. I've had a 28-70 L and , just recently, a 1D mark IV refurb from Canon. I don't know if the lens was returned or what, but it performed well before I upgraded to a 24-70. The 1D4 was like brand new. The exposure count was 000-0000

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