Has anyone any information on a 'Yashica Model-1' Cine Camera?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by matt_burnett, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone. I have recently been given a Yashica cine camera. I intend to shoot a roll of film through the camera. It would be great if anyone could give me any sort of information on the camera controls/battery etc.
  2. If it is plain 8mm there is no film. Super 8 still in limited amounts.
  3. http://www.myoldcamera.com/Regular8mm.html
    however faster film like ISO100 requires a neutral density
    filter ( gray).
    a slower iso 50 film is usable except with beach or snow scenes. this is only your real option.
    the site above refers to Kodachrome so many things are likely very outdated.
    unless you have Neutral density filters or can find film ISO 50 max. it is not worth the effort
    some European Bolex cameras had a variable shutter
    so instead or 1/30 @ 16 fps they could use 1/60 or possibly faster at 16 fps.
    the 25 x 2 50 foot length of film would run about 3 -4 minutes.
    many cameras would run faster some up to 64 fps.
    this would FIX the exposure problem with ISO 100 Ektachrome.
    but it would be in VERY slow motion.
  4. Tom's response is incorrect; you can still get film in standard 8mm format. I recommend ordering from John Schwind at International Film Brokers: http://zerelda.com/internationalfilm/internationalfilm.html The great thing about John is that he includes instructions on how to load and expose most standard 8mm cameras with every order.
    The best resource I have found for shooting with 8mm cameras is the Filmshooting forum: http://forum.filmshooting.com/

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