Has Anybody Received their D850?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ShunCheung, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Paul, are there any tests that have shown the Fuji to have more accurate white balance and exposure that eliminate technique by the operator?
  2. Bob, I don't want to start any argue on the subject and already told you I'm speaking from my experience ( Canon 1V, 20D,50D, Nikon D300,D3,D700,D800,D810,D4,D4s,D750) Fuji is very very good but is a machine and you can't eliminate the operator touch, if you have time to operate and calibrate manually every shot., In most situation , due to constant ambient light changing and need for fast shooting, I rely mostly on auto WB and I want to be accurate. My opinion : is better than most above cameras, except maybe D3 and D4s,
    I'm not a fan type guy...I sold my new D4 after only 3 weddings, loosing 1300$ (focus and WB problems) and I have enough experience to tell if I like a camera or not after 2 months , 3 weddings with Fuji and thousands of pictures taken with it.
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  3. Didn't people say the D800/810 would be their last camera ;) For me dSLRs are so good now, my printer is only an A3. Also didn't we once say that maybe full frame wouldn't be viable.
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    I sure didn't say that as I knew better by the time I bought my D800E in 2012. However, some 30 years ago way back in 1987 when I bought my FE2, which wasn't all that different from the FE I had bought 9 years earlier in 1978, I thought SLRs had reached a plateau and I would never need anything more than an FE2. Little did I know that the AF era had just begun at the time. I think I have gotten a little wiser since then.
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  5. > My thought on the tiddlywinks shoot is a really good mirrorless and HDR. Or just wait for a camera that can reproduce the 20-30 stops of dynamic range that our eyes can. :) Lack of increased dynamic range over my D800 was perhaps my main disappointment with the D850.

    Yes; if there had been a native ISO 32 I'd have taken it. Those claiming that ISO 64 is too slow to be usable must not be under the same sun that I am (and I'm in the UK, we don't have that much sun...) Still, ISO64 made a measurable difference to me on the D810 compared with the D800 (just as well, since the ISO100 performance measures slightly worse) and I go out of my way to hit minimum ISO where possible. When something does block the sun, I'll take any higher ISO performance I can get, especially in the evenings when the light goes. (During the day, the D810 has done me proud; in the evenings I've sometimes wished my budget extended to a D5 as a back-up.)

    What I'd really find useful is the ability to put the "shift" on auto-minimum-shutter for auto-ISO on the second dial, so I could shoot aperture priority, stay near minimum ISO where possible, and still control shutter speed for the subject. Currently I usually shoot manual with exposure compensation and let ISO drift (but try to keep it minimal), which isn't quite the workflow I want. But I'll get round to posting that wish list survey I've been promising for a year, eventually.

    I rely a lot on white/grey shirts and radiators in white paint. If there's a mix of interior and daylight, I often have to eyeball anyway. The curse of my existence is people doing presentations (either tiddlywinks trophies or at conferences) in front of projector screens - they're invariably lit by warm light, and the projector is invariably set to its maximum colour temperature, so the result always looks awful.
  6. One thing I've been meaning to ask, if people with one have paid attention: various sources point out the higher number of shots that the D850 officially takes on a battery compared with the D810, but I don't recall them allowing significantly for the lack of flash on the D850; I believe the official battery testing procedure assumes some flash usage if present, and the lack of flash on the Df was certainly one reason it had claimed good battery life.

    I'm just curious whether the D850 is actually showing better battery life like-for-like than the D810, or whether the flash is the main difference.
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  7. FYI - B&H Photo has them for about $3269 as of 10/19. They have stock but will let them trickle out about 1 per day. I'm heading to the NYC Photo Expo, I want to handle one first, then find one with free shipping and no sales tax. When I do, I'll pick one up.
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    I know it is just a typo, but it is $3296.95. As far as I know B&H is still seriously back-ordered. The problem is that just like it was when Nikon introduced the D800 back in 2012, some people pre-order from multiple stores and take whatever that comes first, it is hard to tell what the real demand and shortage is.

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