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  1. I got an a la carte MP about a year ago, and it's perfect, except that I can't turn the ISO indicator on the back with my finger. I have to use one of those soft rubber things sold to get jar lids off. I had Leica in Solms look at it (at an enormous expense for DHL to get it back to me), and they say it's fine, nothing to repair, just the way it's supposed to be. Some postings say other people have the same problem. I gather from some postings that after Leica changed from the old silver ISO dial to the new black plastic dial, customers complained that it changed speeds accidentally and too easily, so Leica stiffened it up. Does anyone know more about this? Does anyone have a solution?
  2. Push in with your thumb while you turn it, holding the camera solid with the other hand.
  3. It's only the meterless models which have a mere indicator on the back. A little difficulty from time to time is to be preferred to a fatal accident.
  4. Hey you aren't the Andrew Kleinfeld in Fairbanks, Alaska are you?
  5. Yup.
    Hi Charles.

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