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  1. To all members of the LF photography forum :

    !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

    I look forward to hear from you in 2003.
    Best wishes from Germany,

    Carsten Boettcher
  2. A happy new year to you.
  3. Hi all

    A peaceful and a happy NEW YEAR with very good visions to all!

    From Switzerland!
  4. From Dallas, Texas, USA- peace, love, and happiness for the new year!

    Sincerely, Eugene
  5. Sretna nova godina!
    ...don't tray to spell it, that just means "Happy new year"...
    Janko, Zagreb, Croatia @ 00:01 01.01.2003.
  6. Happy New Year, Carsten! May this be the year you get that new Ebony you've been dreaming about.
  7. Happy New Year, and

    Godt Nyttår

    from Norway
  8. Gleðilegt og fasælt komandi ár !

    from Iceland
    Gdmundur Ingólfsson
  9. "Happy New Year To All, and To All Good Light!" In 2003.

    Ben in WA, (Puget Sound area)
  10. I'm no member of largeformatphotography yet, but hope to become one.
    I wish to all members, that you meet the pictures, wich you are looking for.
    Good new 2003 from Germany !
  11. I want to wish every one here a very Happy New Year and may it be more prosperous for us all and hopefully one where we can all be more generous and caring to one another; we are really one big family here!
  12. Thanks to everyone on this forum who has helped me in the past, and a VERY HAPPY New Year from Utah.
  13. Well, the Mummers were rained out here in Fluffya but we still wish youse all a Happy New Year.

    Philadelphia, PA, USA
  14. pvp


    Best wishes to everyone for a very happy and prosperous new year!!
    Live large! (Format, that is!)

    Alan Davenport
    Keizer, Oregon
  15. Bonne and Heureuse année à tous !! in other words, Happy New Year to all of you ! Thought France was missing in this worldwide thread!

    Joel from Nice, France

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