Happy Mistake

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  1. 20090909-guilotine.jpg
    happenstance... while composing a rock&nude photo the peeper behind the big boulder appeared in the viewfinder​

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  2. Already pointed helmets distorted even more by electronic shutter.
    Pacific Grove 16b_Triathlon_1.jpg
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  3. backscatter.jpg
    Unintended backscatter from flash during a night dive.
  4. I was not aware that the train was passing
    0020a Abstracto Tren Pasando Movimiento Andén Metro Chamberí TokAF12-24ATX.jpg Tokina AF 12-24 ATX (12) on DX
  5. CRT Danish Dinosaur (Gorgo)
  6. [​IMG]Two woodpeckers by Tom Yin, on Flickr

    I was photographing the woodpecker on the tree and did not know another came into view until after the fact
  7. I was photographing the tree roots when Lily, our border collie who was accompanying me on my bike ride with my camera, trotted into scene! 16x 20 lily roots 0011.jpg
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  8. End result of improperly tightened tripod head.

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  9. She was not laughing when I pressed the shutter. She laughed just as the shutter opened. Lucky shot. img007.jpg
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