Happy accidents

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  1. Yes, I'm always pleased with "happy accidents". To me, "happy accidents" occur in 2 different ways:
    - Something suddenly and unpredictably changes in the "frame" which turns out to more interesting than I'd intended
    - I forgot to adjust something in my camera/lens that I should have, but "by accident" the result still turned out to be interesting (perhaps moreso), though differently to what I'd intended.

    These are both cases of 'serendipity' for which I'm always grateful. In the first case, whatever suddenly happens/changes in the frame is impossible to plan for or anticipate. In the second case, if the result looks OK with different settings than I'd intended, I try to think how I could include these 'alternative settings' in my intentional shots.

    Good thread!

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  2. Accidently had camera on manual settings with slow shutter speed. High school football. _BSC1486.jpg
  3. chickadee take off.jpg
    Chickadee taking off, 1/100s exposure time.
  4. Went to check into a Boston hotel in a frenzied time (well before Covid), didn't realize that the camera hanging on my shoulder was on and inadvertently hit the shutter release while checking in.
    In a rush x600 1000.jpg
  5. Was just trying to take a pic of a duck in flight, and accidentally framed it perfectly on the dormer:
    Flying Wigeon for pnet.jpg
  6. Got to work harder on leveling those horizons.
    Carmel Beach 20g_Fishermen_1.jpg
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  7. I was photographing the tree roots and got a shot. Then my dog Lily, who was running with me through the park appeared in the shot while I was still set up. I took the shot with Lily too, now one of my favorites! 16x 20 lily roots 0011.jpg

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