Hama Hoods for Canonets & Olympus 35

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by steve_bellayr, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know where Hama hoods may be purchased? I am looking for the
    rectangle ones that fit the Canonet QL 17 and Olympus SP 35. Also, would you
    know the exact size. I think it is 49mm.
  2. The SP is 49mm. The QL17 is 48mm.
  3. Canon 48mm, Olympus 49mm
  4. Some of the Hama hoods slip OVER the outside of the barrel and clamp down. If that is the
    type that you are looking at, you'll want the outside diameter of the barrel, not the thread
    sizes listed above.
  5. Such rectangular hood tends to, unfortuantely, block a considerable part of the view when used on a compact rangefinder. Maybe you can try it before actually buying. Good luck.
  6. Just picked up some hama hoods. Haven't used the cameras as of yet. Fitted a Cannonet and an Olympus 35 with the hoods. Much less intrusive than rubber ones. The Cannonet needed two very small pieces of sticky felt to fit perfectly. These were 49mm hoods. Also, put one each on an F3 and AE-1. They don't extend as far and fit very well.

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