Hal's present mischiefs

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  1. hi guys

    does anyone knows where Hal is at this moment,please?i was the next
    on the list,so i am just enquiring if hal has been posted or is
    still at the last location,somewhere in the states afaik...

    looking forward for hal to be here..:)

  2. Did I ever get put on the list? If not, can someone add me? Thanks.

    Or mebbe I should start my own Hal project...
  3. He was around recently. If the present whereabouts of The Little Fellow is known, please SHOUT
  4. Just remebered I put a similar request a few weeks ago.
    had this reply;
    Michael Carmack , dec 16, 2005; 11:57 p.m.
    Don't pay the ransom, Hal escaped. I'm sorry, I still have the camera, along with half a roll I haven't finished, but will tomorrow and get it off to Julian. Again, sorry about the delay, I hate it when life gets in the way of fun.
  5. Who keeps the record on Hal's travels. The one who kicked him out of the house should make a scrapbook of his travels. Would be nice to have a book on his 10 year journey. It would give us an in depth look into this wonderful planet of our.

    Should Hal be instructed not to overstay his visit and weary his welcome? Reminds me of Kung Fu.

    If one would submit another Hal, or maybe his sister, and stipulate the time frame for the next one on the list to receive her, then send back a couple of photos of his visit to the gatekeeper, hey, this would be grand. The gatekeeper could then post on this forum the photos and description of location for us to view, or is this already been formulated?
  6. Twas me I admit. To begin with I didn't think HAl would travel this far. By the time he had been away 6 months I had lost track of where he had been - bar the records on here. I wanted to keep it simple. Take some photos with Hal, post them here and ask for the next offer of a 'holiday' for Hal - then pass him on. That way I don't have to do paperwork!
    I did actually include a 'passport' with Hal for participants to record where he had been. Whether that is still operational I don't know.
    May I suggest Hal keeps moving after a max of 10 days at one place please!!
  7. hi all

    got response from hal today,looks like he has been put on the plane and is crossing the pond as we speak.

    i will observe the 10 days period of enjoying hal,sounds fine

    could the next host on the list contact me offsite for next stop of the lil'fella?

    will post some results as in when i'll process the film



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