HAL is happy ...

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by minoxit, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. hi all

    just to let andrea ingram and mike cormack(and all of Hal's pals)
    know that hal has arrived this morning in Bacau,Romania.He is
    OK,though he was moaning about some sea sick or jetlag or
    something :)))))...spoiled lil'brat...

    ok now,the camera seems OK,haven't got the time to give it a proper
    check.The top casing seems to move quite a bit and the outer rim of
    the top-front(around lightmeter and the viewfinder)was found fallen
    in the box,put it back and it stays there for now.

    please the next host on the list announce him/herself in order to
    send the fellow when finished(no later than a week from now).

    thank you mike cormack for excellent wrapping and packaging the
    camera,it travelled in safety and i will do the same.

    will post results as in when i manage to process the film.

    best regards

  2. Brilliant. Sounds like Hal is descending into kit form! Still, if he still wants to work, then send him on to the next person who shouts they want to give him a holiday!
    Looking forward to seeing shots from Romania
  3. I have yet to find out how I get on a list or if I am on it- anyone know? (If no one knows, just assume I'm next and send it to me!)
  4. Send a Pm to JT and ak him to send it to you. Simple as that!
  5. Hal will like it in Romania. There are some beautiful women there ... just joking!
  6. Must have been choppy seas. The only thing loose when packed was some of the body covering. Glad it arrived safely. I still have to develop the film I shot in Colorado. Hope I have something worth sharing. Thanks for letting me play! Hal found out "It's hard to leave the Rockies."

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