Hair on Sensor - Any ideas for fixing the resulting images?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by funkag, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. I managed to get a piece of hair on my sensor during a day of shooting and didn't realize it was there until I was back home - most images can either be cropped or pretty easily fixed with a quick dodge over the shadow, but a handful of (mostly) vertical images have proven more of a challenge - dodging leaves enough of a lighter line from the surrounding sky to be noticeable and cloning just makes a mess. Any suggestions for a fix? Thanks!

  2. Have you tried the healing brush?

    The dodge tool is awful in most image processing packages - never use it!

    An alternative to dodging/burning, is to create a duplicate layer under the original. Brighten or darken the duplicate layer, then rub through the original with a low-opacity eraser brush until the area is the desired density. Much more controllable than dodging or burning, and entirely reversible.
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  3. Should take a few minutes at absolute most with the spot healing brush set to "Content Aware"'
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    You can also do a selection of the area and go to Edit -> Fill and choose Content Aware.

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