Hair on Sensor - Any ideas for fixing the resulting images?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by funkag, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. I managed to get a piece of hair on my sensor during a day of shooting and didn't realize it was there until I was back home - most images can either be cropped or pretty easily fixed with a quick dodge over the shadow, but a handful of (mostly) vertical images have proven more of a challenge - dodging leaves enough of a lighter line from the surrounding sky to be noticeable and cloning just makes a mess. Any suggestions for a fix? Thanks!

  2. Have you tried the healing brush?

    The dodge tool is awful in most image processing packages - never use it!

    An alternative to dodging/burning, is to create a duplicate layer under the original. Brighten or darken the duplicate layer, then rub through the original with a low-opacity eraser brush until the area is the desired density. Much more controllable than dodging or burning, and entirely reversible.
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  3. Should take a few minutes at absolute most with the spot healing brush set to "Content Aware"'
  4. Spearhead

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    You can also do a selection of the area and go to Edit -> Fill and choose Content Aware.
  5. +1 Wogers, or the clone tool. I haven't tried Spearhead's method, I'll have to.
  6. In Lightroom, you can duplicate spot removal to a set of images by synchronizing the edits. Each copy is "content aware". Nearly any attribute can be selected for synchronization, but exposure and color are not "content aware", and can only be used on similar images.

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