Hair light for families and groups in studio

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  1. So I’m hoping to find some ideas for a hair light for family groups.

    my studio is only 7’ 9” tall so installing a hair light as a strobe inside a 9”c 36” strip light is not really a workable thing.

    I need to cover groups of up to 5 people so a single strobe on a snoot or small modifier which is what I use for singles is not really the answer.

    other photographers must have dealt with this situation and I’m wondering what they do.

    any ideas appreciated

  2. A good alternative might be to put that strip light flat against the ceiling with an angled mirror at the end.

    If that's not enough headroom you might consider using a couple of high-mounted kicker lights, one on each side, in place of an actual hair light.

    Or if you're willing to do a bit more work you might consider cutting into the ceiling and mount your hair light inside.

    Another possibility, if you understand how to do it, is to put a flat mirror on the ceiling (in the appropriate place) then "project" light into it such that it acts like a hair light. As an example, you might use a parabolic reflector on a studio light head to get a good "throw" on the light, then baffle it to get rid of unwanted spill.

    If you need a better description of any of these just say so. Best of luck.
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  3. These are great ideas. Thank you.

    I’m going to start with your first option with the flat strip light and a mirror, but I’m going to try it first with cutting a strip of foam core to soften the light.

    thanks again. I’ll let you know how it goes :)

  4. Yeah, white foam core should work great, you just want to make sure that the camera lens can not "see" the lit-up foam core to prevent lens flare. This won't happen with a mirror cuz the light will be so directional. (In either case the hair light WILL be soft due to the (presumed) diffusion panel in the strip light. And light fall-off is gonna be based on distance to the "source," the last diffusion surface, so the foam core panel will probably have slight more fall-off.

    Best of luck with your trials.

    Ps, you should be able to find plastic mirrors for this. I absolutely would not want to use a glass mirror above the subject if there is any chance of it getting broken, fwiw.
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  5. Maybe a ‘low level’ constant light pointed up at the backdrop behind your subjects to give a rim light effect.
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