hair in face/how to remove w/photoshop

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I had my first portrait shoot last weekend, (fortunatly I have lots of family to practice on) and I have a question about post processing. I
    have a picture that my cousin really loved, however there is a strand of hair in her face. I'm pretty new to photoshop, is there an easy way to
    remove the strand and leave the light in her eyes? I know I can use the clone tool on her forehead, but once it gets into her eyes I have
    difficulty erasing it. Please be specific or show an example! Thank you so much
  2. sorry, I had trouble uploading the photo
  3. run the spot healing brush down the hair.

    or use the healing brush. Sample the area next to the hair. Check alligned at the top. run a small brush over the length of the hair. Use a high magnification view.

    The picture is very red. You need to fix that.
  4. We used to remove hair with an x-acto knife, before photoshop. It was called etching. It does leave a mark on the surface, but does not show on copied or framed prints. Am sure photoshop is better if you can use it.
  5. This was a quick 1 minute fix, but it shows the results of the healing brush.
  6. Removing the color cast is a good idea. While you're at it, you could select the teeth, choose Image->Adjustments->Hue and Saturation, and move the Saturation slider down, and possibly the Brightness slider up.

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