Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by randalldouglas, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Anyone know when this is going to hit the online retailers?
  2. Google it and you'll find several places offer it - e.g. http://www.atlex.com/hahnemuhle/hahnemuhle-photo-rag-188-paper.htm And if you really want, I can send you some from Germany - mind you, postage will most probably make it not worth your while. Cheers, Henry
  3. What is the difference between this paper and the Fine Art Pearl in terms of.. 1) Texture, smoother or same stipple? 2) Whiteness..as white or not brightened? This is intended for use with PK ink? Thanks
  4. Henry, Wow! That's a very kind offer, indeed! I have some of the paper in the links, and I like it. Hahnemuhle has been introducing new papers recently and spicing up their popular papers with a couple variations for people that like a different finish or a brighter white. I'm interested to try the recently announced photo rag "pearl." But I haven't seen it available and haven't seen an eta other than early 2007.
  5. http://www.hahnemuehle.com/site/us/798/home.html
  6. The link takes you to a description of the paper. It sounds like they took their photo rag paper (a thick, textured fine art rag paper) and added a lusterous finish like the fine art pearl (which I have not yet tried).
  7. You can get it at www.atlex.com. I've been playing around with it and Crane Museo Silver Rag. Both are pretty darn special. And they have the prices to reflect this speciality! You can print them with the old 2200 but they exhibit some bronzing (I'm talking b/w here). The printers that use K3 inks mostly eliminate this.
  8. Can you send me a direct link? Looking at their site, I see "photo rag" and "fine art perl," but I don't see where they've stashed away "photo rag pearl" in their navbar. Here's what I'm seeing: Photo Rag 188 Photo Rag 308 Photo Rag Duo 196 Photo Rag Duo 316 Rag Bright White 310 Photo Rag Satin 310 Fine Art Pearl 285 Albrecht Durer 210 German Etching 310 Museum Etching 350 Natural Art Duo 216 Torchon 285 William Turner 190 William Turner 310 Sample Paper
  9. I called atlex to see if they stocked Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl 320. It did not come up on their website product list. They will do research and call me back by the end of the week. I'll let everyone know what I hear.
  10. Thanks for sharing that. I guess I could have called them. I'm guessing it's not in stock yet but will be out soon. If they have it or give you an eta more specific than 2007, I'd like to hear it. That way I'll know when to look to order it. I'm anxious to try it because what they describe on the Hahnemuhle site would be just really neat to use for the prints I'm making these days.
  11. Fyi...in case anyone is interested, I found out it's coming out in the next couple weeks (march) according to A hanhnemuhle web site press release....

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