Hagop Garagem - historical photographer

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  1. A friend sent me a link with some photos that are (or are supposed to be) from Hagop Garagem. I've never heard of this photographer - although there's lots of people I haven't heard of, so that may not mean anything. I really like his ability to get people to people to react well to the scene. There's not much on the net about him - does anyone know more about his career and portfolio?
  2. I was intrigued, so I checked around. His name isn't Garagem...that's Portuguese for 'garage'. The website (hagopgaragem.com) has substantial unfilled content space devoted to the restoration of a 1948 Wolesley Eight...loosely, the site is called Hagop's Garage. His name appears to be Hagop Koulkdjian (evidently an Armenian immigrant to Brazil). The slideshows are evidently put together by his grandson (listed as 'Hagop Koulkdjian Neto' in the slideshow credits; 'neto' being Portuguese for 'grandson', but it could be a surname/family name). He selected the images, added music, and created the slideshow (there are several on the website in PowerPoint). A lot of the pics were evidently taken in the USA, but other slideshows feature Portuguese soccer team pics, bocce, and roller hockey, so who knows who took what pics? If Hagop (grandpa) indeed took them, he certainly got around - there are images from (at least) Brazil, Italy, Israel, Washington (D.C.), and Cincinnati, Ohio on the site. It was interesting, though.
  3. Thanks D.B. - that makes sense now. I was wondering about the "garagem" name and that makes sense. As you say, there are a number of places in those slide shows - I caught Shreveport in one, and of course there are some Palm Beach mentions as well. We were fascinated with the view of the time-period - it felt very natural and real. And since we are very much car-fanatics the display of automobiles, trucks and buses was much appreciated. Thanks for checking on that.
  4. other slideshows feature Portuguese soccer team pics​
    Whoops - I meant Brazilian. The old vehicle pics are fascinating to me too, particularly the commercial delivery trucks. Thanks for posting the link.
  5. The photos in that video slideshow are all from Shorpy.com
  6. I can not check out every single photograph which appears with the name "Hagop Garagem", but at least some of these photographs are from "The Harris & Ewing Collection of photographic negatives" which includes glass and film negatives taken by Harris & Ewing, Inc. Harris & Ewing photographed people, events, and architecture, particularly in Washington, D.C., during the period 1905-1945. Harris & Ewing, Inc., gave its collection of negatives to the Library of Congress in 1955.

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