Had an idea for a Noir-Styled Photoshoot. Need help with some inspiration/putting ideas to action!

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  1. An idea hit me when I was walking on the campus I am a student at to do a noir-styled photoshoot. It is an older campus with older-style lights and brick walkways.

    I have a ton of ideas rattling around in my head, but I was wondering if anyone here had some good inspiring ideas/thoughts to help spur some creativity and put my thoughts into action?

    An idea that I have seen people use was “atmospheric aerosol” to create some fog.
  2. Check out what things look like in the rain. Rain-soaked streets reflect lights nicely and are very noir. Of course, look for ways to cast shadows, those of the person you're shooting and of objects, like chairs or lamps or anything interesting, you might bring along on the shoot. Angled lighting works. Look out for colored lights, sometimes coming from windows you can include. Keep in mind what folks wear who will be in the pictures. Raincoats work. Design of dresses, hats, important. Cigarette smoke, if you dare! Use street lamps cleverly, as if they were stage props. Strong light coming from inside a building through open doorways can be good. Watch for good expressions from your people subjects. Noir can be sexy and cynical.

    Nice project. Good luck. Post what you get when you've got some.
  3. Storytelling. Even in a singular image... one of the most standout characteristics of noir.
    Looking forward to maybe seeing some results.
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